Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Prayer and A Reason for Creation

Two beautiful posts coming from Australia offering a prayer and answering the eternal question of why the world was created?

The prayer is beutiful as it builds surrender and gives strength in the process. Such a blessing of Sahaja. The reason for creation explores the need for reflection of beauty. Without reflection of God's own glory in creation, God would not be able to enjoy that reflection.

“Why has God created this beautiful universe?” has been a question asked for thousands of years. The reason is very simple to understand. This beauty that is created cannot see itself. In the same way, God who is the source of beauty, cannot see His own beauty. Like a pearl cannot enter into itself to see its beauty, like the sky cannot understand its own beauty, the stars cannot see their own beauty, the sun cannot behold its brilliance. In the same way, God Almighty cannot behold His own being. He needs a mirror. And that’s how He has created this beautiful universe as His mirror. MORE

“Forgive me for what I’ve done, and forgive those who have done harm to me.” More

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