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Feeling the Cool Breeze: Experience of People of Different Faiths

[Compiled by Oleg Florow on the now defunct Geocities web]

[Oleg:]If one looks at the religions of the world, they fall into two main categories. The first group believe that to worship, or pay respects to any holy image is wrong, while the second use images in their doctrine. Perhaps at the end of the day there is no conflict. If the image is created by, or is a true likeness of, someone who has strong vibrations, then to put oneself in a situation where one absorbs those healing vibrations can only be for the good. But if someone bows down before an image which is made by someone who themselves emitted heat (problems) then no wonder Moses spoke so strongly against 'graven images'! But the solution is to be able to have a heightened awareness so as to be able to distinguish between what is 'holy' and what is not. Once a person has settled into Sahaja Yoga they can generally do this.
'Shri Mataji arranged a weekend at her house at Hurst Green, Sussex, England in 1976. In her house there was a big drawing room downstairs with beautiful Indian rugs. There were large statues of Indian deities, and one of them was a beautiful wooden Shri Ganesha.

One of the Sahaja Yogis who had been there before took me upstairs and showed it to me.
"This statue has such cool vibrations," he said.
"Hang on," I replied. Being from a Muslim background, I thought, 'What is he talking about?'

Although I had received my realization, and could feel the cool vibrations, because of my Islamic conditioning I was a bit sceptical that this statue would emit them. So I tried feeling the vibrations, while stepping back, and it did have vibrations, in that there was a cool breeze coming from it.
One of the things that struck me also in the house of Shri Mataji, was that it felt as if every statue in the house was vibrating with power. Everywhere you went, you felt a kind of silent, peaceful, but extremely powerful environment, which is very difficult to describe, except to say that you knew something very powerful was working very deep inside you and working it out. You were in the middle of this and you felt you were in a different universe altogether. (D.M.)

This story shows that the experience of the cool breeze of the Spirit goes far beyond our cultural conditioning. The writer is from a Moslem background, a citizen of the European Community, a successful banker in early middle age and married with children.

My parents were very, very religious Jews. The first weekend after I got my realization, I went up to see them at our home in a town in the Midlands of England. I was still working the whole thing out myself, but I gave my mother realization and she felt the vibrations as a cool breeze.

She went to the synagogue the next Saturday, as she always did. At a certain point in the service the scrolls of the law would be taken out. They are kept in a beautifully decorated altar, which we call the Ark, and this is a replica of the place where the ten commandments were kept after they were given by Moses on Mount Sinai. The scrolls are all parchment and beautifully written and decorated, by hand. In Judaism we have traditions which are in many ways parallel to those of Hinduism.

As soon as they opened the Ark, my mother said she couldn't believe it. She felt a cool breeze pouring out of the Ark. The rest of the people in the synagogue had no idea of this. As soon as the Sabbath was finished and she could use the phone, she phoned me and said:
"The most extraordinary thing happened to me today. I went to the synagogue, and when they opened the Ark, I felt the same cool breeze pouring out of it as I felt when you gave me realization. Now I know that this is right."

Sadly she died in 1987. Before that, although she was always a firm follower of Judaism, she came to accept Christ and understood about Shri Mataji and the great gift she has brought to the world. Shri Mataji came to stay in our house and my father, a deeply learned and religious Jew, also had profound respect for and understanding of Shri Mataji. (R.H.)

[Ed: Oleg] Here we see how all the problems between the religions could be resolved if their followers could understand them as being different flowers of the same tree of universal wisdom. What is vital is that we can all evolve to gain our Self Realization, so we can actually experience the truths which the great personalities of the past have come on earth to reveal to us The writer, like his family, is learned in the Torah and Caballah, and sees Sahaja Yoga as a fulfillment of this wisdom.

So what is this cool breeze?

It is time for an explanation! Some of this might be quite a lot to digest and accept initially, but read on, and you too might feel it.

In this first personal report, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is conducting an introductory programme of Sahaja Yoga, to give Self Realization. The newcomers are told they have this experience when they feel a cool breeze coming from their own bodies. Sahaja Yoga is extremely simple. The first stage is to get Self Realization.

In many scriptures this experience is reported as being accompanied by a wind, or coolness, for example the wind of the Holy spirit in the Christian bible, or the 'sali lam' or cool wind which accompanies the awakening of Kundalini, necessary to attain 'moksha', or realisation of the self as spirit, in the Hindu tradition. It is interesting that in many languages, the word for Holy Spirit, or Adi Shakti as it is in Sanskrit, is a feminine noun. Christ used an Aramaic word which was feminine, and in Islam, the word is feminine: 'ruh'. In at least two African languages, Zulu and Xhosa, the word for Holy Spirit and cool wind are the same: imoyo.

'My family and I live in Sydney, Australia. I was never what is termed a seeker. My brother was always looking for something, and said he would tell us once he found it. One memorable day, in the early 1980's, I was seated in front of the television watching a football game, when my brother came home and said the most incredible thing had happened.

He had just met an Indian lady called Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and had received his Self Realization. He told me he had spent the day with her and a group of people and he had felt an incredible cool wind coming from her body, when he put his hands in her direction.' (C. K.)

In this account, a young man reports feeling this coolness coming from Shri Mataji herself. Shri Mataji is an extremely powerful spiritual personality, and as she has said on many occasions, she has come on this earth to give en masse Self Realization to all those who are sincerely seeking inner fulfillment. She explains that this coolness is a very subtle form of vibrations, and it is felt as a cool wind or breeze. As she is the one who has opened the way to this en masse awakening for all the rest of us, it is hardly surprising that even her body radiates this coolness very powerfully.

'I got my Self Realization in August 1979. The first strong experience was when Shri Mataji invited some of us to her flat in London a little later. Before getting my realization, I had been experimenting with different forms of consciousness, and seeking for something, but unfortunately it had caused me to have all these voices going on in my head all the time in those days.

Shri Mataji got me to put my left hand towards her and the right hand towards a candle flame. After some minutes all the voices in my head stopped and a cool breeze just came blowing into my forehead. It was a lot easier to be experience inner peace and inner stillness after that.

Some months later, a woman and her brother brought a sixteen year old boy who had cancer to Shri Mataji's house in Brompton Square, London. I was doing some decorative work, maybe painting or wallpapering, in the same room where Shri Mataji was curing this boy.

He was so weak, he couldn't even sit up. She had him lying down. She called me over to help as well.

"What do you feel?" She said. I felt incredible heat coming from him. Shri Mataji gave him healing vibrations on his Nabhi chakra, at the level of his waist. I was feeling it all and, maybe after twenty minutes or so, it was just blowing cool. I saw and felt Shri Mataji cure this boy of cancer. What a tremendous experience. After being almost carried in, he walked out, full of energy.' (J.W.)

This young man had some sort of imbalance, and when he is cured he feels this same coolness. He gives a short account of how he is healed, which anyone who practises Sahaja Yoga quickly learns about. The same man is involved in helping to cure someone, and whereas when the boy is clearly ill he feels heat coming from him, once he is better he feels coolness radiating from his body. In any system heat indicates friction and often a problem. Once a person has Self Realisation he or she can become sensitive to this subtle heat or coolness, and can also learn how to direct these subtle vibrations to help heal people of diseases.

'I was at a public meeting in about 1978, in London. I had been coming to Sahaja Yoga for a few months and a Sahaja Yogi gave me vibrations, particularly on my Agnya, (forehead). All of a sudden, I began to feel a tremendous cool breeze flowing.

In those days, Shri Mataji used to come by and talk to each one of us.
"Are you feeling the cool breeze?" She asked.
"Yes," I replied.

Then she told me to put one hand towards her and one hand towards a long-haired person who was next to me. The hand towards Shri Mataji felt this fantastic cool breeze, whereas the one towards this guy felt tremendous heat. As I was doing that, this man, a complete stranger, turned around to me and for no apparent reason said something like he didn't like me at all. It was the first time I had felt the difference between the cool and the heat.' (B.K.)

This writer, an aerospace engineer from Singapore and now settled in America, also shows how the cool breeze indicates positivity whereas heat indicates some problem.

'My mother went to an introductory programme of Sahaja Yoga and received her Self Realisation. She came home with a photo she had been given of Shri Mataji, the lady who started Sahaja Yoga.

My mother showed me the photo and two extraordinary things happened. Firstly, for no apparent reason, I smelled a very strong and beautiful aroma of roses, and then I felt a cool breeze coming from the photograph. The following week I went along to the Sahaja Yoga programme too.' (R.I.)

This young woman, who comes from Italy, feels the coolness coming from a photograph of Shri Mataji. We find by experience that photographs of Shri Mataji, and anything She touches emits the same coolness. In a sense the matter is transformed.

Many people have been healed of serious diseases and others have gained Self Realization from the photograph of Shri Mataji, without ever meeting her. The beautiful smell of roses has been experienced by many people in the vicinity of Shri Mataji, her photo, or places where she has visited, even some time after she has left.

'My mother and I have been involved with Sahaja Yoga for many years. She never misses a chance to take me to an art gallery, but one visit stands out. We were in Milan, Italy in 1998. It was a warm day and we went to the Castello Sforzesco. We walked around for about an hour, until we reached the room which has the Rondanini Pietà by Michelangelo in it.

There were some benches, and being hot and tired, we sat down to look at the statue. We both suddenly felt a blast of cool wind, like air conditioning on full. It seemed to be coming from the direction of the statue.

"You've got strong air conditioning on in here," my mother said to the attendant.
"No, signora, there isn't any in here," he said, looking rather puzzled.
"That was a bit slow of us," laughed my mother, "after all, Michelangelo was a realised soul."' (A.W.)

The mother and daughter feel a powerful cool wind coming from a great work of art. This is a continuation of what has been written above. Because Michelangelo was a realized soul, his artworks emit good, or cool vibrations. And how does one know he was a realized soul? Because if a Sahaja Yogi puts his or her attention on him, a coolness will be felt on the palms of the hands.

Originally published by Oleg Florov on Geocities, which will be shutting down in 2009. The stories and explanations below have been collected from a number of friends and acquaintances around the world, all of whom also have this very special awareness on a daily basis. We hope that you too will enjoy it, and you may easily, if you browse through the following web pages. Central to what we would like to share with you is our gratitude to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who, through her gift to the world of Sahaja Yoga, makes it all possible.

"Can the Air Conditioning be Turned Off?"

'We were in Athens in October 2001. It was a warm evening and Shri Mataji was giving a public programme, an introduction to Sahaja Yoga, in a hotel there. In many traditions, one of the signs of Self Realization, or as the Christians say, the awakening of the Holy Spirit, is a cool wind or breeze.

At the end of the programme, Shri Mataji gave the experience of Self Realization or kundalini awakening. Nearly all the people who had come for the first time said they had indeed felt a cool breeze, on their hands and above their heads, but some insisted it was the air conditioning. Someone went to find the hotel staff to ask them to please turn it off, and the staff, when found, said it was not on in the first place.'

-- (M.S.)