Monday, January 26, 2009

Sir CP Honored

Emails announcing the news that Sir CP Shriwastava, Shri Mataji's husband, has been honored with the second highest civilian honor in India, the Padma Vibhushan. This blog took a minute to introspect to put the news into perspective.

Sir CP has been a silent and benevolent aide to the work of Sahaja Yoga. Firstly through the sacrifice of personal time in the 70s which would only increase. But personal time is not the only thing that Sir Chandrika Prasad put into the nascent years of Sahaja. Sir CP gave money generously for the rehabilitation of damaged seekers, often reminiscing the day he came home to find a homeless British gentleman dressed in Indian clothes from his own wardrobe, sipping tea.

In the early 90s, while talking to yogis in Australia, Shri Mataji presented Sir CP as an example of blemishless service to the nation and lessons in monetory honesty that can be learnt from him.

I recall an experience that a fellow yuva had with him in 2001 at their home in Pune. There was a sudden infestation of snakes in the house at the time and someone had just spotted one climbing the leg of a sofa. On the sofa they sat, aware, dignified and composed. Both of them witnessing another snake being captured, inches from them with the temperament of watching a silly drama unfold.

Sir CP is the distinguished author of the book "Corruption" which I have not read, and will refrain from commenting. But I do know, being an Indian myself, that it takes a lot of courage, poise and strength to survive as an honest civil servant in the corrupted Indian beauraucracy. Not only he demonstrates survival in a hostile environment through idealism, but inspires young Indians like me to have hope in honesty and idealism.

Sir CP shares his birthday with Shri Mataji, but never steps up to the occasion. Downplaying it's significance to let the true force shine through. Often silently but surely he affirms the benevolence and good luck, which has come his way since his auspicious marriage.

There are excellent biographical write-ups & articles of interest on Sahaja Websites that one can refer to for further reading:

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sahaja Destination: Ganapatiphule

Ganapatipuhle, the land where the legend says, two of our lowermost chakras open up & clear out. Almost a year ago while traveling through Maharashtra looking for vibrationally charged places, I discovered GP once again! Now Sahaja Yoga has a few humble but permanent structures to accomodate yogis who might be wishing to stay there. To our surprise, we found that 200+ yogis were staying there between pujas. It was a pleasant surprise. Today, someone posted a few clips from GP and these illustrate the two most important things about the village: the new Sahaja Yoga land development and the Ganesha swayambhu:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some are born great, the rest of us try to get there

Becoming our own master is a recurring theme within Sahaja Yoga. However, like a small bird unable to spread it's wings until pushed out of the nest, I have always felt that guruship should be left to the guru. However the Guru now implores the inner guru to not only awaken within the limited context of giving realization, but also tending to the world.

In the last five years, the emphasis was given on giving realizations. It was the need of the time, to open up our Vishuddhi to announce the new age and be able to raise Kundalinis of anyone and everyone. In streets, in noisy fairs, in trains or planes. This important skill was developing in the collective unconcious. Like the ability of a new-born bird to tweet and let it's presence known. To spread the wings in the safety of the Mother's nest and just feel the wind as a breeze beneath it's wings, but not actually flying. That time is now past and we are at the edge of the foretold times when the earth would be home to walking trees that bear the fruit of life. 

Gyaneshwara was the instrument through which the Sahaja path was transferred into general society. had described these times, the blossom times, as when realized souls, saints, Sahaja Yogis will roam the earth as fruit bearing trees. Unshaken by the hurricane like change on account of their roots, eager to bear and share fruits of wisdom, through the blessings of the Almighty.

The divine end of the prophesy kept itself. The advent of the primordial energy to enlighten the brains of those who ardently sought Truth, Knowledge and Joy. Thus hundreds of thousands of Buddhas were created who must now face the future, which rapidly seeps into the present. Rise to the destiny of being masters of the spirit, herald a new age of true love into the society.

Unlike incarnations who are born great, these kalpavrikshas (fruit granting trees), the Sahaja Yogis have achieved greatness through the mercy of the primordial power who incarnates as the World Mother; and the next level of consciousness quite literally thrust upon them. This reminds me of Shakespeare's line from twelfth night:
 Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cool Subtle System Kindergarten Image

Found this cool image on a German SY blog:

... apparently its the cover of a Audio CD full of Sahaja Children songs