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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If the past and the future do not exist, why do people worry about them?

Question from Y! Answers: Past is gone, future is not here yet; if it ever gets here, yet many people's lives are controlled by these two nonexistent forces...

My Answer:

Humans have 3 main energy channels: left (past), central (present) and future (right). The stresses of mundane life accumulate as blockages or disturbances in these subtle energy flows.

Thoughts in the brain come from the left (past) and right (future) constantly. There is almost no way to stop them, as they are innate part of human existence. Spiritual masters who know meditation are able to soothe their left and right channels and stay on the central channel, which results in these thoughts from past/future subsiding.

Eventually the person is able to experience freedom from these annoyances. Check out the references below for more info. Or try a simple meditation exercise here: Meditation Basic Excercise


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some are born great, the rest of us try to get there

Becoming our own master is a recurring theme within Sahaja Yoga. However, like a small bird unable to spread it's wings until pushed out of the nest, I have always felt that guruship should be left to the guru. However the Guru now implores the inner guru to not only awaken within the limited context of giving realization, but also tending to the world.

In the last five years, the emphasis was given on giving realizations. It was the need of the time, to open up our Vishuddhi to announce the new age and be able to raise Kundalinis of anyone and everyone. In streets, in noisy fairs, in trains or planes. This important skill was developing in the collective unconcious. Like the ability of a new-born bird to tweet and let it's presence known. To spread the wings in the safety of the Mother's nest and just feel the wind as a breeze beneath it's wings, but not actually flying. That time is now past and we are at the edge of the foretold times when the earth would be home to walking trees that bear the fruit of life. 

Gyaneshwara was the instrument through which the Sahaja path was transferred into general society. had described these times, the blossom times, as when realized souls, saints, Sahaja Yogis will roam the earth as fruit bearing trees. Unshaken by the hurricane like change on account of their roots, eager to bear and share fruits of wisdom, through the blessings of the Almighty.

The divine end of the prophesy kept itself. The advent of the primordial energy to enlighten the brains of those who ardently sought Truth, Knowledge and Joy. Thus hundreds of thousands of Buddhas were created who must now face the future, which rapidly seeps into the present. Rise to the destiny of being masters of the spirit, herald a new age of true love into the society.

Unlike incarnations who are born great, these kalpavrikshas (fruit granting trees), the Sahaja Yogis have achieved greatness through the mercy of the primordial power who incarnates as the World Mother; and the next level of consciousness quite literally thrust upon them. This reminds me of Shakespeare's line from twelfth night:
 Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Sahaja Yoga practitioner shares her vision of the country, with reference to the specific problem of unemployment on

(cc licensed picture from gadl on flickr)

"I wanted to share my vision on how to solve/ease the problem of unemployment.Many people in US nowdays are required to work overtime and cannot take vacation days which they have. This means that the companies don't want to create new workplaces and hire more people. This also violates human rights. Previously we had 8 hour day and 40 hour week, no more. However in the last 9-10 years I noticed a change that companies require people to work overtime. Many people work 50-80 hours week, especially in IT. Also people cannot take vacation days that are accumulated as employer doesn't give leave. People cannot defend their right of working just 40 hours. They fear to lose the workplace. As a result of that some people work more hours and some people don't have employment at all because complanies don't create new work places. Also this creates disbalance in the society,people cannot do their family duties, children are neglected without enough of parents attention.So I suggest to change working policies - the government needs to control how many hours people work and they need to take their vacation days.The companies need to create new workplaces. The people working 80 hours - means 2 workplaces working 40 hours instead of one.Also in Europe vacation time is 45 days/year and there is nothing wrong with that. Balance between work and family time is good for everyone in the society and more work places will be created, more people will be employed. For ladies - many would like to work part time - 20 hours or so.We need this time for families and children. But employers are not creating part time work opportunities. For people with BS and MS very hard to find part time jobs in their field. So always we, ladies, have to either sacrifice a career or family commitments. It would be nice if government enforces companies to hold part-time job opportunities for every field of work.This will mean that more people will be employed and balance of family life will be maintained. The future generation will thank the government for that. And rate of unemployment will reduce dramatically."

-- A.L.