Monday, September 25, 2006

Pedro: an inmate in a jail in Helsinki

Testimony of Pedro for yogis April 2006

Pedro is an inmate who received his realisation in January 2004 in a
jail from Helsinki and is meditating since that time . Pedro is
ready to have his name and address published for yogis with his
testimony . He would be very happy also if some yogis are writing
him ! In English or Spanish .

"My name is Pedro, I am thirty years old . I am inmate in a Finnish
jail called Helsingin Vankila . My sentence is : all life in
prison .
"I went to jail in 2001 and the first years I was in emotional
roller coaster . I tried not to show it outside but inside I was
feeling terrible . But then in January 2004 when I had lost almost
all hope , Sahaja Yoga was introduced in our prison .
I immediately felt something wonderful that I never felt before .
Something I couldn't explain in words . But I knew that was
something that I had been looking for all my life . Shri Mataji gave
me my self realization .

After that, I started to meditate every day and little by little our
Mother raised me and trained me with Her endless love and divine
Vibrations . I stopped smoking immediatly, thing I couldn't do
before . I know that I am just in the beginning of this wonderful
journey and I just wish to be a better instrument of Shri Mataji .

Now, we have been meditating since almost two years and a half with
yogis supporting us weekly with their wonderful programs and love .
Mother has blessed also our little collective with the chance to
have got also the permission to meditate every Sunday morning
together 4 or 5 brother inmates and me .

I feel our bond with our brothers is stronger now It is wonderful
to see how our divine Mother is changing things miraculously in this
prison . Several times somebody working here tried to prevent the
group to meditate . But actually what happened is that Sahaja Yoga
is becoming stronger and stronger . And people is now more
interested to know what is Sahaja Yoga because they can see how
wonderful we are feeling ."

My lost smile returned inside of me .I am in peace now and want
first of all to follow this path the rest of my life .
I can see other inmates are as much helped as me .
So I really wish that every prisoner in the world could have this
life changing experience .And I want to help as much as possible
for that .
I should enjoy also to receive letters from my brothers and sisters
from all over the World !"

Pedro Avila Mahkonen Helsinki April 2006