Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bantumi on the Bus

These days, I play this pathetic game on the AATA bus to work. What has civilization [= my life] come to? I am addicted to 2-bit monochrome witless game. Strongbad, save me with 16-bit color....!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Its Ed Again!

Ed's Adventure with bandhand and paper-burning...

[From an email to Divinesahajayoga Yahoo! Group]

Insight of the day:

The other morning I had a mild run-in with a government worker who knocked on our door and asked us to move our car so his crew could dig up and destroy our only park place on the street. Even after a couple of decades in Sahaja Yoga, I still tend to over-react to unimportant, mundane events that come my way. But after this relatively insignificant incident, I experienced a new level of solidarity with the Divine.

Shortly afterwards I sat at the table and drew clockwise circles around a problem to be burned that I had written on a scrap of paper. Just like so many times before, I took the names of deities, devas and angels to help in the process. But this time a whole new depth of understanding and familiarity opened up between myself and our invisible, divine Friends. In contrast to the insecure feeling left in me by the construction worker, I realized how much I can rely on these People (as Shri Mataji once referred to them :-)

Imagine friends so dedicated that they are always there, ready to eagerly help you, even when you neglect them. The feeling of love and confidence that suddenly shone inside me is certainly something no human being should live without.

May everyone get their chance to discover and admire our great Friends who smile on us from the universe within.

Jai Shri Mother of us all !

Sahaja Yogis in HK Setup a Mehendi Stall

Quite Something! & Also Volunteer as Race Officials for Dragonboat Race!

& Also Sing Bhajans, while they are there...

Race & Mehendi Photos
Singing Bhajans

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Try Wrapping your Mind Around This, Before Giving Up...

If you are familiar with the Ramayana, you might remember that Sita ji was abducted by Ravana. How can such a tower of negativity, Ravana, even come close to Sitaji, the Adishakti? Let alone forcibly abduct her? The fact was that Agni devata had replaced the true Shri Sita with a "Chaya Sita" for the entrapment of Ravana. After the episode of Ravana was over, Agni returned the true Shri Sita during the staging of Agni-pariksha.

I don't know if this satiates the question about the nature of Mahamaya. Our limited intellect tends to draw conclusions, and its not our fault. Our job is probably to rise above it and feel the subtle truth of matters that challenge us.

If you are interested in another example...

Another Rakshasha and his wife created havoc on earth for thousands of years. Finally he battled against the army of Shiva, The Adishakti and Shri Ganesha. His life was that of a lust & power oriented demon. The war lasted thousands of years and he was finally defeated. On his defeat, he ascended to the heavens. WHAT???? What a contradiction. But hold the phone...

The so called demon was Krishna's friend Sudama, who had crossed his boundaries and insulted Shri Radha. To correct his imbalance he had to spend just a moment (in divine terms) correcting it. Shri Radha helped him through the process by helping him clearout on his way to heaven. However, this 'moment' in Goloka translated to thousands years on Prithvi Loka [Earth]. And all the drama ensued in that universe where the villian who apparently fought the divine, was fulfilling a balacing activity.

Another example, the popular story of Shumbha-Nishumbha, if I remember corectly. The elder one, the most important one, after being slayed, also ascended to the heavens, i think.

Many such cases boggle the mind and then calm it completely, assurance us to rely only on vibrations and not on heresay to draw our conclusions. It is impossible to understand with the mind, really. Hope this helps and was worth it.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Worthy, Am I?

I've stumbled across a place,
Sortof Utopia, if seen
There is no other place,
Where injustice is unseen.

I've stumbled across a treasure,
I seem to weak to lift,
Will I lose this gift of love,
Before all the sand has sift.

I've stumbled across an ocean,
And I really want to swim.
But my body is too afraid of
Getting soaked within.

I've stumbled across perfection,
But I am not perfect.
I have the tools to absorb it,
But willingness flags.

I've stumbled across a seashore,
Where the sun never sets.
Curse my eyes, they quickly shut off,
To the sun's gentle glare.

I've stumbled across a brotherhood,
Which gives more than it takes.
But I slowly discover my falsehood,
Do I have what it takes?

Two stereotypes confirmed:

1. Amway Guys Cannot Stop Talking About Amway (or other chain marketing).

2. The likelyhood of a motel owner in North America being Indian Asian? Very High.

Cabbie Recounts Fugitives' 115-Mile Ride - New York Times

Thursday, August 11, 2005

If you have a lot of time to waste...

Read about Yoopers! This is what you get when you mix Finnish, Canadian and Minesotans and spread them evenly on an unflattened land: UP (Upper Peninsula, MI not Uttar Pradesh, India)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Guns dont kill people

cats do.

In better times...

It used to cleanup, make

dinner and sing me to sleep.

Dumb Criminals Story #38

Perfect Crime...

A Critic is a critic

Old Category of Critics: Armchair Critics, I-couldn't-make-it-as-artist Critic... and now a new one:

Sony Movie Critic

They Caused It!!!!

They said the driver was looking at them when it happened.... Hats off to my dear town - ann arbor

Caution Starbucks Inc., There is a hidden agenda here

He is a lawyer...

He Lurks in the shadows

Comes out only in the night.

Of Course!

And I am the King of Nepal

We will form a committee...

... to make recommendations on policy of appointing committees that look into policy making on how to handle appointment of committees. Will they give a break?

Believers in Evolution AND Intelligent Design?

Sure... you know whom I am talking about... us.