Friday, August 12, 2005

Worthy, Am I?

I've stumbled across a place,
Sortof Utopia, if seen
There is no other place,
Where injustice is unseen.

I've stumbled across a treasure,
I seem to weak to lift,
Will I lose this gift of love,
Before all the sand has sift.

I've stumbled across an ocean,
And I really want to swim.
But my body is too afraid of
Getting soaked within.

I've stumbled across perfection,
But I am not perfect.
I have the tools to absorb it,
But willingness flags.

I've stumbled across a seashore,
Where the sun never sets.
Curse my eyes, they quickly shut off,
To the sun's gentle glare.

I've stumbled across a brotherhood,
Which gives more than it takes.
But I slowly discover my falsehood,
Do I have what it takes?

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