Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Its Ed Again!

Ed's Adventure with bandhand and paper-burning...

[From an email to Divinesahajayoga Yahoo! Group]

Insight of the day:

The other morning I had a mild run-in with a government worker who knocked on our door and asked us to move our car so his crew could dig up and destroy our only park place on the street. Even after a couple of decades in Sahaja Yoga, I still tend to over-react to unimportant, mundane events that come my way. But after this relatively insignificant incident, I experienced a new level of solidarity with the Divine.

Shortly afterwards I sat at the table and drew clockwise circles around a problem to be burned that I had written on a scrap of paper. Just like so many times before, I took the names of deities, devas and angels to help in the process. But this time a whole new depth of understanding and familiarity opened up between myself and our invisible, divine Friends. In contrast to the insecure feeling left in me by the construction worker, I realized how much I can rely on these People (as Shri Mataji once referred to them :-)

Imagine friends so dedicated that they are always there, ready to eagerly help you, even when you neglect them. The feeling of love and confidence that suddenly shone inside me is certainly something no human being should live without.

May everyone get their chance to discover and admire our great Friends who smile on us from the universe within.

Jai Shri Mother of us all !

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