Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Only we can destroy ourselves

Children of one Mother

Listening to the wisdom of old

We feel safe

Playing with each other in her watchful gaze

We feel safe

Her feet in the corner of our eyes

We feel safe

Climbing on the mountain – aware of her presence

We feel safe

The stranger’s voice is whispering

May sound like fun

The stranger’s gaze is tempting us

May make us feel all grown up

The stranger’s tasks lead us to new adventures

May make us feel curious

The voices of wisdom sound so stale

When we start to grow up

The children’s playful gestures seem so boring

When we start to grow up

The Mother protective gaze appears so limiting

When we start to grow up

In the strange world

We don’t need our Mother

In the strange world

We are above the others

In the strange world

The stranger’s affection sets us apart

The Mother feels so far

When the confusion sets in

All grown up

The safety of her voice has lost its comfort

Being lost in our greatness looses its fun

When the guilt sets in

Luckily the Mother’s loving hands are never far

When we become small again

Luckily her gaze is still as loving

When we move back into the presence of her being

It may take a little time

But the play of the children will be sweet again

- by Walter L., USA

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