Saturday, November 1, 2008

Karma cola

I don't wanna get my karma cola (F# maj)
Sitting in a leaky, black gondola
of blind faith, that's just not me!
I don't wanna get instant nirvana,
I'd rather just have a nice banana
of the Truth, that sets me free
I'd rather be a little disillusioned
Waiting for dawn in mild confusion
in the night, of ignorance
I'd rather be miles from the nearest shore
Than give in to a lie, fable or lore,
from a vagabond, just out of jail
I'd rather go hungry, parched and weary
than turn around, regretful & sorry
for a life, lost & wasted.
I'd rather be poor man of sound mind,
Than win a contest of the popularity kind,
that'd do no good, to the brotherhood
I'd rather be a star pale and faint,
Than a comet that shines for just a moment,
And dissapears, leaving us here
Leavin' us here.....
I'd rather be a bathroom singer & crazy,
memories of love clear some hazy,
In the heart, where its always summer
I'd rather be a million dollars in debt,
Than have binding obligations set,
to be a slave, of a twisted knave
'Rather be dissolved the grand illusion,
Than stay afloat in false confusions,
of the torrid mind: rational & unkind
Rather be person, kind and wrong,
Than sing a dry, boring, rational song,
from the mind, that illusive find

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