Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Achieving Self Mastery

Being our own master sounds too good to be true, however when you consider it is based on the living work of the true masters (Lao Tse, Confucious etc.), it starts being plausible. Vedic commentary does mention that the work of powerful saints, yogis and siddhas permeates into society via the ether through ideas that travel in the sub-concious. The ten most important masters of knowledge of this world have achieved the distinction of not only doing living work during their lifetimes, but the work remains within all humanity as the ten petals of the "void" region within us. The void region is the region surrounding the third chakra of peace & generosity below:

Religions followed the true masters, but the essence of their teachings stays within us as it is born with us (sahaja).

Toni, a yogi, recently came up with a mnemonic to remember the 10 primordial gurus, which was the inspiration behind this blog post:

R espected
A nd
M ighty
Z eus
L eads
C ourageous
S ouls and
M any
G ood
S aints

R aja Janaka
A braham
M oses
Z oraster
L ao Tse
C onfusius
S ocrates
M uhammed
G uru Nanak
S ai Baba

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