Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Shri Mataji Arrives in Cabella!

Recollections of Dubai Visit

A yogi who was there writes:

Hello Everyone..

Jai Shri Mata Ji !

Here goes my personal account of experience of mothers visit. And also
what I heard from Sahaja yogi's in Dubai.. I was not there all the
time when things were happening... So please forgive me for any

We were informed well in advance that mother would be arriving.. and
it is was decided informally that everybody would be given a chance..
and subtly there was an agreement that the newcomers would be sent
ahead ; as in they would get to be in front of mother more.

Mother had come to Dubai before..so the older yogi's had many chances
to be with her. There was a public program in Dubai in 2002...

Mother arrived at the airport..and the yuva's were there to welcome
her..along with some seniors...As soon as mother sat in the car.. she
said.. These are all the new ones.. where are the old ones.. When
someone told her that Dubai collective was big and people are old..she
said ' aacha' and then said.. These are new ones..

( this was told to us by an Uncle who was there in the car..)

Mother did comment that there was never that much traffic in Dubai..
It has only increased recently..

Then looking at a structure she asked - What is it.. Sir CP on being
prompted by a sahaja yogi said that this would help relieve the
traffic problems.

Shri Mataji Earlier greeted all at the airport and then also waiting
sahaja yogi's at the airport and also at the hotel..

There were many people who were there at the hotel curious to know who
was coming.. Among them was a iranian couple.. They asked and one
sahaja yogi requested them to open their hands and stand.. they would
explain all about sahaja to them after mother goes..

And they got their realization. On being asked what they felt..they
said that they felt warm and cold sensation on their hands..

There were little children waiting in the lobby to greet mother..
Mother went to her room and said that the room decoration was very
beautiful. She said that there were 100 children at the airport where
were they now.

Then all the children were ushered up to her room.. She was very happy
. She spoke them. She asked them if they knew how to sing bhajans..
Sir CP asked all those who sang bhajans to raise their hands.. All of
them did. Mother said that she would like to meet all the children
again tommorow. She said that she would like to meet all the sahaja
yogi's. She said that she was here for two days and we must meet as
much as possible. She asked the lady's who were sitting in one corner
to come and sit close to her.. She then had one photograph of ladies
taken with her . :) (Continued, below the video)

She also said that 'aap log paar ho gaye.. ( you all have been given
realization) and we must give it to others. She asked us to call all
the others who have not got their realization. It clearly meant that
there would be a progrom the next day and what made it special was
that it would be a public program. The night ended with hearing
stories of what mother said in her room.. There were anecdotes,
miracles, stories of angels conspiring to have ppl there at the right
time beating the traffic et al.

So we all slept late... . so joyous also little aware that there are
arrangements to be made for the hall for tommorow. The next
morning…this and that happened and that and this happened .. and in
the finale the organizers decided that the Hotel where mother was
staying was the best place for holding the program....When the news
came to us.. We looked to towards each other and said….did we not know
it already..

Then followed the real cool part of decorating the place.. The hotel
ppl came and said that u cannot do this adn u cannot hit a nail there.

and we were looking towards each other..

then a sahaja yogi would come .. saying..it is already there.. from
the people who had used the stage earlier..

somehow the things rolled..and by aroung 7-30pm the stage was set
beautifully decorated.

close to 600 ppl were there...

All faces did not look familiar.. so I guess there were some newcomers..

Many ppl staying at the hotel also seemed curious.

Then an announcement was made.. That Shri Mata ji and Sir CP would
like to meet all the children upstairs in her room..
It was getting a little clear that mother would not come.. I remember
speaking to some yogi's who had come down from Italy and asking them
if they thought mother will come down.. They said yes she would.. we
would get to see her.. Then I asked the other yogi if mother would come down..He said we must pray..

Then they asked me what I felt.. remember saying something special
should happenn..wrong I was ..to demand...

Newcomers were getting their realization.. Someone just came and told
me that everyone is allowed..Everybody got to go there and were
allowed to offer their pranams.

Mother was sleeping right though and she did not open her eyes.

(I heard this story ..from some one..so )
There was this yogini ..who said that she wanted to take the darshan
when she was awake. and with little prodding when the
last sahaja yogi;s were in the line..She also entered the room... and
just then mother opened her eyes...... She was the last yogini to get

Luckily I along with another bhaiya had the night shift that day..
Means that we had to get stuff for mother's breakfast and any other

Did not have to do much with that..but got to sit out there and meditate..
Mother got up quite early..adn she was there for breakfast.. We once
again had her darshan... Then again we saw Mother through the Loby of
the hotel.. She was looking at the sahaja yogi's..

The other took mother to the airport. and we stayed back to help with
hotel room packing..

All in all it was beautiful...The experience of working along side
sahaja yogi's, shopping for mother.. all of those little little things
put in place a wonderful ending to my stay in Dubai..

Monday, April 23, 2007

Beautiful News coming from Cabella. Shri Mataji blesses Cabella on 22nd April.

22nd Apil 2007, Cabella. Mother Arrives Italy http://www.shrimataji.org/italy2007/stories

Today Shri Mataji blessed, yet once again the Italian soil with Her Divine presence. An unusual heat had been warming up the Borbera valley in the last few days and still at midday the sun was shining strong on the heads of the yogis working to prepare for Shri Mataji's arrival. As soon as Shri Mataji approached Cabella big clouds gathered in the sky. Lightnings appeared to announce Her arrival, a strong wind and a few raindrops brought relief on earth.

Shri Mataji stopped in Nirmala Nagar full of eager yogis that awaited Her arrival. A dance by the Yuva Shakti accompanied the car on the way to the place. Shri Mataji was presented with Lakshmi baskets full of local food products and gifts. A Qawwali was sung and afterwards Shri Mataji moved to Her Abode in Cabella. At the end of the program Sir CP said, "Its good to be home." All the souls rejoiced having had the blessing of the darshan of their Divine Mother. Around the castle huge flowers had just blossomed for the occasion, to offer their beauty to the eyes of our Mother. Children sprinkled rose petals before Her, as She entered the Castle.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Sunday- the day of resurrection

Via Chris K

If ever there was a truer reflection of a day of great spiritual
import, a day which lived out in events its own true meaning, it was to be
this day. Coming to the end of an incredible weekend here in Pune,
the 60th Anniversary celebrations. Today was an incredible day, we were
meeting with Sir CP discussing ISPS, plans, buildings, and the future, then word
came that Shri Mataji wanted to see us. When we entered the room Our Mother was
sitting in Her chair with a broad smile beaming and we were ushered in and we
began discussing the ISPS plans.

Shri Mataji was incredible, She was asking about the buildings, their sizes,
where the children would be playing, safety issues with heights, teachers,
staff accommodation. Then she said to come tomorrow with larger plans and to
have a think about the size of the buildings which she said was too
small. Many of us came out of the room with tears of joy in our eyes, the
emotions were such. Sir said it was probably the longest conversation in five
years. Totally amazing, transforming, incredible. If possible this day was
to become even more incredible. We meet a few hours
later for an impromptu Easter Puja. We were fortunate to perform Puja to Shri
Mataji, the auspicious offerings were made, the vibrations incredible.

Shri Mataji asked for the microphone, and She smiled at us all and for
the first time in many years She spoke in a clear lucid tones, words of power,
awakening the kundalini, affirming, reassuring, joyous revelation. Tears of joy
again began to flow around the room, and through many water filled eyes were we
privileged to again sit as humble devotes before the Feet of our Guru, and
listen to Easter Puja discourse. Please forgive any inaccuracies in their
re-telling for this humble instrument is full of faults. Shri Mataji began
by saying that it is a very important day, the day of Christ resurrection, He
resurrected so that he could transform people but now we can do that work and we
should not be afraid, and have no doubts about yourself and your self
realization, you should respect your self realization it is something very
special, something unique. Shri Mataji said if you have any doubts
then you should come in front, in fact come now and talk to me, you should not
have any doubts, for you are all special beautiful people, when I look out I see
so many beautiful faces in front of me, you are all so beautiful.

We have to confirm our self realization we have to respect our
self realization and we have to pass on what we have received
to the world, we have to give what we have achieved in Sahaja Yoga to many
more people who are waiting, there are so many good people who have
not received their self realization, they are all waiting, you have to take up
this work. Shri Mataji said you should all go out and take a lead,
spread Sahaja Yoga so we can give a chance to other people who have
not received their self realization, there is nothing more important
to do, there are many good people in the world who have not received their self
realization and if you see around the world is in chaos, there is a lot of
chaos, the world needs this. Sahaja Yoga is the only solution. Shri Mataji
ended with something reduced all to tears again, she said "I am
sorry if I have not helped you all enough to finish this job, in many
things perhaps I have not finished off what I have started …. so far " That
was the moment, the beaming smile, the words of encouragement, tear filled eyes,
all around faces wet with tears of joy.

Sir CP was continually wiping tears from his eyes, and through the talk his
hands were raised in supplication, he bowed to Shri Mataji, and to
God Almighty in Heaven above. Of us all he was by far the happiest and
most joyous. Shri Mataji looked around at us all and asked if there was
anything wrong, we should all be happy. We answered we not sad, just very,
very, happy to again hear Her voice. We then performed Aarti and the
music began. Some gifts were given, one being a silver chariot drawn
by seven horses which was presented. Shri Mataji said it was very symbolic, the
seven horses, and the chariot, but the horses were not drawing a chariot they
were pulling the Sahaja Yogis, everywhere the Sahaja Yogis are being

When we presented the Australian gift she commented that Australia is a very
cut off place, geographically, and it was good that Her children had not
forgotten Her, to which we responded not only Her Australian children, but all
Her children all over the world had never left Her side, and certainly not
forgotten Her. Shri Mataji left but said there should be music and
dancing we should be in joy, the music played and we all
danced and danced and danced.

Sincerely chris