Monday, April 23, 2007

Beautiful News coming from Cabella. Shri Mataji blesses Cabella on 22nd April.

22nd Apil 2007, Cabella. Mother Arrives Italy

Today Shri Mataji blessed, yet once again the Italian soil with Her Divine presence. An unusual heat had been warming up the Borbera valley in the last few days and still at midday the sun was shining strong on the heads of the yogis working to prepare for Shri Mataji's arrival. As soon as Shri Mataji approached Cabella big clouds gathered in the sky. Lightnings appeared to announce Her arrival, a strong wind and a few raindrops brought relief on earth.

Shri Mataji stopped in Nirmala Nagar full of eager yogis that awaited Her arrival. A dance by the Yuva Shakti accompanied the car on the way to the place. Shri Mataji was presented with Lakshmi baskets full of local food products and gifts. A Qawwali was sung and afterwards Shri Mataji moved to Her Abode in Cabella. At the end of the program Sir CP said, "Its good to be home." All the souls rejoiced having had the blessing of the darshan of their Divine Mother. Around the castle huge flowers had just blossomed for the occasion, to offer their beauty to the eyes of our Mother. Children sprinkled rose petals before Her, as She entered the Castle.

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