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Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun Frolick Footsoaking Video

Do you feel the need to clear out, but just dont know if getting a footsoak is too challenging? Two brave women in Canada risk everything to perform this amazing miracle of getting a little tub and enjoying a refreshing footsoak.

Kingdom Come & Gone?

(What If) The Kingdom of Heaven
Might have come and gone
What if you didn't see it come,
blinded by the siren song.

Ages and centuries,
It took to finally come
it wasn't a moment or a flash
but it stuck around quite long

When angels from heaven
made earth their second home
When the merciful God
Sent His power all alone

(What If) The Kingdom of Heavan
Might have come and gone
What if you didn't see it come,
blinded by the siren song.

There was distinct laughter,
of children and grown-ups,
There was a new smile, everlasting
Like a sun beyond the dust

There was much rejoicement,
And celebration of Truth
There was no written word,
There was no silly book

(What If) The Kingdom of Heaven
Might have come and gone
What if you didn't see it come,
blinded by the siren song.

There was an open door, And everyone came in
Tasted the bread, giving up on their sins
The door remained open, free to come and go
But now there's a shining light, beyond the closing door

Be careful of the company, you may choose to keep
Be careful of the leading voice, that tends to weep
Be aware of the boat, your feet are standing in
Don't drift too far, as you wanna be on the inside, yes within

(What If) The Kingdom of Heaven
Might have come and gone
What if you didn't see it come,
blinded by the siren song.

Now the play is almost over, the curtain callers rise
The doors of the theaters will close at some time tonight
In your happiness you want to see, that you don't exit
That lie as trap for fools and tools, on the left and right

The lights turn off,
the blind scamper, To find a solid shore
The drifters who drifted too far,
They find themselves in heaven no more.

(What If) The Kingdom of Heavan
Might have come and gone
What if you didn't see it come,
blinded by the siren song.

Knowing Your Inner Being

Before getting to inner peace and balance, it is important to know the inner being. This animation introduces you to the system of chakras and channels within us. To know more about chakras and channels you can read on Sahaja Yoga Intro Book website.

Loving the Weather

How does your mind react to weather and changes in weather? I was 21, and in my infancy of self-realization. I had just come across a wonderful friend, Rupesh, who was practicing Sahaja Yoga for a few years and carried a genuine calm demeanor that would disarm the most aggressive people.

creative commons licensed pic by tamaki on flickr

His sage advice that one must not indulge in cursing the weather went deep into the heart and built reverance for nature like never before. Self-realization had once again transformed the inner being in a Sahaja (spontaneous) manner. The natural urge to curse extreme weather has dissolved into reverance for the elements of nature: sun, wind and yes, even Michigan snow.

Yesterday there was snow in mid-Michigan, and I was picking up two friends from MSU - one Indian and one from Togo, Africa. They saw snow for the first time and were mesmerised. I am sure, being yogis, they will cherish snow for its beauty rather than hardship for a long time to come.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

How Does Sahaja Work?

Welcome to the Learn Sahaja Yoga blog! This is the place to get some info on Sahaja Yoga form of meditation through videos, text and informative links to other educational websites. To start off, lets answer the question: What is Sahaja? Amongst other things, Sahaja means simple, spontaneous and easy. It is a way of doing things the smooth and easy way. Sahaja Yoga means getting union or awakening in a spontaneous way. The following video demonstrates the method aptly:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kuchipudi Dancer's Website & Blog from Brazil

Stumbled across a blog of Ana Paiva, showcasing an upcoming dance presentation in Brasilia. Check it out, and turn on your portuguese-to-english translator. Ana is a talented kuchipudi dancer trained in India at the PK Salve Academy of Arts, where many practioners of Sahaja Yoga go to learn music and dance, with a spiritual focus. Meditation and ascent play a far greater role in the development of students as compared to other schools of indian performing arts.

Ana's Website & Blog

Do you feel sleepy while meditating?

We are at a fair and I just worked on a person who has tried meditation but would always fall asleep.

She was describing a problem which I experienced in my first months of sahaja yoga meditation.

The problem comes from the right side being overworked. Right side, or pingala nadi, is the sun channel. It gets exhausted when we are overworked and under rested.

When the kindalini rises and finds over stressed chakras, she does not force herself. But out of concern for the meditating subject, she induces action of the left side to balance out the right. Sleep is a blessing of the left side, and a cure for many right side issues like hypertension.

At the end, our dear subject, flora, revealed she indeed suffer from high blood pressure. This confirmed the relationship between meditation, hypertension and sleeping off.

It took me about four months before I was able to meditate without dozing off... But that was seven years ago and well into the past.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Looking for Links to Mother's Visits?

Here is the place:

Kingdom of God in the Gospels

I am reading Tolstoy's The Gospels in Brief. The description of the kingdom of God is so amazingly true. Especially the part where the filtering of chosen ones is described by two parables: the farmer and the fisherman. And also the clear warning by Jesus that the parables might eventually be twisted by knaves for selfish purposes.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Labels Dissapear

And in the beginning, we were handed a kite,
That would soar high, bring day to the night,
We took it high in the sky,
Now it comes down, but it's spirit is high.

We took a name, but whats in a name?
We took an identity, now its lost the same.
We took in everyone, and they stole the gates.
We took in thieves and thugs, now the plunder us on.

Now why will anyone trust another vagabond?
Now why should anyone keep faith in time?
Now why should anyone expect any better?
Now why shouldn't anyone become a go-getter?

We have been taken care of,
by a Soul much greater than ours.
A Soul that encompasses, the expanse
of this earth.

This Soul has taught us, how to
live a life of sacrifice
How to give away your last pennies
Without putting up a fight

We have been made stronger,
Cause our faith runs much deeper
Our beliefs may now and then suffer
but we shall always be in surrender.

O! This Sahaja life...

How does the brain responds to Sahaja Meditation?

The following informative page answers questions on how the brain responds to Sahaja meditation. It's calming effect can be seen from the brain activation patters observed via EEG. Here is an extract. Go here for the full article.

Electrophysiological studies (EEG) measure the electrical activity from groups of neurons on the surface of the scalp. EEG studies comparing the brain activation of long-term Sahaja Yoga practitioners (11) to short-term Sahaja Yoga meditators (16) found specific brain activation patterns corresponding to the subjective feelings of thoughtless awareness and happiness experienced by the Meditators (Aftanas and Golocheikine, 2001, 2002, 2000). In their EEG measures, the long-term meditators showed increased power in low band frequency EEG activity of theta and alpha, which was particularly pronounced over the left frontal regions.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can meditation help your body & mind?

from the BBC, a report on meditation and its benefits. To locate a meditation meeting near you, visit (for USA) ; To learn about meditation related topics with live online workshops, visit

Monday, November 3, 2008

SahajaTravel as a Guru

Photo by MusMs
Traveling for Sahaja is a great equilizer. It exposes you to new energies. Sometimes the new energies can be strong awakenings brought about by concepts hitherto unknown. New ways of spreading the love, new ways of strengthening collectivity, new ways of connecting and new ways of looking at the self.

And it works both ways. When you travel out and when others travel to you and bring an invisible bag of goodies, which are ideas.

This past weekend, two dynamic yogis from Toronto landed in Michigan. In the tradition of Sahaja hobbithood, we did what we usually do. Spread love, poster around, eat, sing, make merry and share stories. We sown seeds in each other's hearts and lands. We'll try to nourish these seeds by visiting each other more often and see the seeds sprout in the light of truth and rain of Mother's love.