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Monday, November 3, 2008

SahajaTravel as a Guru

Photo by MusMs
Traveling for Sahaja is a great equilizer. It exposes you to new energies. Sometimes the new energies can be strong awakenings brought about by concepts hitherto unknown. New ways of spreading the love, new ways of strengthening collectivity, new ways of connecting and new ways of looking at the self.

And it works both ways. When you travel out and when others travel to you and bring an invisible bag of goodies, which are ideas.

This past weekend, two dynamic yogis from Toronto landed in Michigan. In the tradition of Sahaja hobbithood, we did what we usually do. Spread love, poster around, eat, sing, make merry and share stories. We sown seeds in each other's hearts and lands. We'll try to nourish these seeds by visiting each other more often and see the seeds sprout in the light of truth and rain of Mother's love.