Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chinese National Sahaja Seminar in Beijing / Tianjin City

Chinese seminar announcement...

A special national seminar will be staged on 6-8 April, 2007 (Friday to Sunday)
during Easter period at a resort between Beijing and Tianjin City. Please help
to spread the news and let more yogis know of this activity. Those interested in
supporting the development of SY in China, please join us by putting attention
on this event; Anyone just by chance visiting China in this period, we hope they
can come and join us. Hong Kong will have around 10 yogis attending and yogis of
other parts of China have been invited and it is expected around 70 will turn

Interested parties should contact the Beijing or Tianjin collectives
with the following contact persons (Haiyan of Beijing or Jill of Tianjin ) who
can speak English.

Haiyan (86)13911204023 ( email: Haiyan.Hao "@"

Jill (86)13302129612 (email: jilltao_2000 "@" vip.163.com)
(Remove the double quotes and spaces)

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