Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sadhaka (Seeker of Truth) Interviewed on Univision Radio, Dallas

From SWAN:

Radio Interview of a Seeker
Monday, July 24, 2006
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On July 20th, a seeker who has been coming to the newcomers' program in Spanish for last 5 months here in Dallas, and writes the health section of a local newspaper, was interviewed on the local Latino radio station Univision (1270AM). She had told us a few weeks back that the interview would be about the benefits of meditation, so we gave her some material with the research done in Sahaja Yoga, and the information about the programs for Realize America.

Some of us were listening to the radio, and were expecting to hear about the benefits of relaxation and of different types of meditation. To our surprise, even before the interview started, the presenter announced the topic of the day as Benefits of Meditation and she announced our programs for beginners on Realize America Day, and also the information about our center. The interview lasted 15 - 20 min. In a simple way she talked about Sahaja Yoga, she described what is meditation, why do we keep our palms upwards, the health benefits, the personal changes she has experienced, and how we learn to be in the present moment. At the end the presenter asked her what is different about this Yoga Meditation compared to others, and she answered: "it is so easy, so simple that you dont have to do anything, like paying attention to breathing or to anything, because everything happens by itself!"

It is so amazing how the Divine finds different ways to spread Mother's love and message to all the seekers.

Jai Shri Mataji !

With love
Dallas Collective

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