Friday, July 28, 2006

angelic herald to the coming

Very nicely written account of Shri Mataji's arrival in UK in July:

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 12:17:59 +0200

Subject: Virata: Shri Mataji's arrival in UKDearest Brothers &

Our Holy Mother Shri Mataji arrived safely on Sunday evening into the UK.
The plane landed at about 7.50 pm. It was a shame that we couldn’t all be there
but with baggage hold-ups etc. within the airport it wasn't until 9.50 p.m. that
Her car finally pulled away from Terminal One.Mother arrived at Her house safely
and was offered three beautiful and fragrant garlands prepared by our sisters
followed by Aarti & Prasad. She and Sir C. P. both seemed very well and in
good spirits after their long day travelling.Shri Mataji was very attentive to
everyone and seemed genuinely pleased to be here in the UK whilst being gently
received by those present. David formally thanked Mother and welcomed Her and
Sir C. P. back to the UK. Mother responded with a smile and said: “But not for
very long!” (She leaves for the U.S.A. in a few days).Shri Mataji watched as
flowers and small gifts were offered to celebrate Her Divine presence and smiled
and gestured to everyone expressing tremendous contentment.The moment drew to a
close with the opening lines to a very British Bhajan “And Did those feet in
ancient times walk upon England's Mountain Green” ..sung in gratitude and praise
that again Mother was blessing Albion with Divine Grace.Mother spoke with
several people and after everyone withdrew from Her room said how Joy Giving Her
reception had been.It seemed very clear that Her health continues to improve and
that hopefully She will enjoy a good rest whilst here in the UK prior to Her
onward travels to America.

With love and respect
Jai Shri MatajiUKCASYs

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