Friday, July 28, 2006

Re-assuring Glances, Loving Smiles

I was a bit late catching up with the video blogs maintained by various countries as Shri Mataji graced them this year with an itenary more complex than anyone else 30 years younger to Her.

This video, showing the farewell from UK about a month ago speaks volumes of the grace and peace that flow from this personality, simply known as Mother in all universes.

The calm and love emanating from Her face in this video seem to be saying, "Children, rest now, as your Mother has just fought a battle. So be happy and celebrate this victory as we will move on to another one before we know it. Hold your positions and be the expandig oasis of love in this world as I take on more challenges until my task is complete. Just stay, Just stay... I will handle the rest."

May we be so fortunate to see Her in the land of Shri Krishna soon.

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