Friday, March 11, 2005

The Smartness of Evil in the Dark Age

An interesting question came up this week: Do I believe in evil? So Evil got defined as anything that acts without consideration for the whole picture. Made sense, but practically, is it possible to keep getting the whole picture & be in the good books?

A little insight into how evil works is interesting. Evil itself is a part of the whole and cannot function without the knowledge of the whole. So evil goes out and tempts free-willed humans to take a bite. Ordinary humans, without enlightenment will resist, forming an artificial barrier of mortality between the soulscape and the external. As the external evil approaches the conditioned soul, the conditionings will set up a shield and refuse fortright - e.g. a teen will automatically say no to drugs if there are no holes in the shield of positive conditioning.

But the external evil does not give up. It tempts, saying, a little wont do harm and creates a small access through the conditioning shield. The shield of our conditioning is always shallow and in this darkest of all ages, the evil is strong enough to penetrate it, by small excursions followed up by fuller attacks. Once the evil creates access ways, then it becomes a daily commuter route for evil to come in and party in the soul - addiction sets in.

So now the poor soul is hit by the addiction, cannot quit by free will as the access paths are now clearly developed. Any mental approach fails due to the simple fact that the external evil is strongest during these ages. It needs to be. How else will the truest gold be separated from the chaff?

When all external seeking fails, the internal seeking starts. A solution from the core, from the inside. A source to sustain that shield - a source to nourish that shield - a source to keep the shield from going down. A source that is inexhaustible.

So when the self-realization sets in, the shield is now intermittently connected to the spirit during meditation and is relatively impenetrable. But again, due to lack of continuous connection there are windows of vulnerability created. It might take a long, looong time to make this shield of the soul constantly connected to the spirit to keep it 100% effective. To eliminate all windows of opportunity for evil to creep in.

A day will come, I hope soon, when the shield will be continuously fed with the spirit. Evil waits, in the dark, waiting for the free-willed yogi to create a pause in the connection and it works on accessing the yogi again.

It might be tempting for a yogi to assume failure and surrender to evil which has demonstrated no easy goodbyes so far. God forbid, should the yogi assume failure and reach a mental conclusion to accept the evil's shadow for good.

The shield is Kundalini. The source is the Spirit. The connection is meditation. The battlefield is the yogi's body, soul.

All the best... to me.

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