Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Meditation Evaluation Questions

Getting and sustaining realization are somehow appearing to be not the same thing. Anyone can get realization. Its an instantaneous thing. But sustainance is a whole different ballgame sometimes.

How was the week with respect to feeling cool vibrations on both hands?

Are there chronic issues you hope to resolve with the help of your Kundalini Awakening? How is the progress on that?

What are the top things that make you lose your balance in general?
Rate the following:
Kam = Unfulfilled Desires
Krodh = Anger
Lobh = Selfishness
Mad = Overestimating Self Capacity
Moh = Attachment
Maya = Illusions & Misconceptions

Have you pushed the envelope in knowing yourself? If yes, whats new?

Were there any moments outside of meditation, when you suddenly felt cool vibrations?
e.g. At Work, or listening to some music, or some artwork, or some person?

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