Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ja League

Ja rule is - if ya can't create them, bunch them together. However, the optimist would say that The League of X Gentlemen is a bouquet of fine characters, seeking the eternal and good in them, while they havn't been exactly heroes in their recent pasts.

The 2003 movie has good actors and nice action. Images are too dark and fast and creates a sense of loss of visual richness due to speed. Could have used slo-mo like in Charlie's Angels or other cult classics to actually deliver the action.

But nice movie. Nice make up and effects. And a nice Captian Nemo, the indegenously manufactured Nasiruddin Shah. The submarine nautilus is a swimming Hindu temple+palace. The diving deck is a Shiva linga and dieties all around. The set and clothes designers must have picked up a coffee table book on Hinduism.

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