Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Men are from.... Soul Searching of a 'Single Again' Guy

Sometimes I can't just come to grips with the fact that the passenger seat of the car of my life is empty. My divine designated fellow passenger has toyed with the emergency eject button way too many times and finds herself in a distant land fighting a battle which we could have fought together.

I have had committed "engagements" which ended on account of inevitable geographical separation. So I guess I am not too bad when it comes to making and keeping commitments. I love steadyness, simplicity and honesty. I believe that Ann Arbor, and the mid-west are great places I would like to explore with a special someone. I also like quite evenings at home doing little things. I dont have great expectations but I do like be a part of small & beautiful things that make a relationship feel warm and special. Small things give great pleasure. Short phone calls - to make sure no one is left to the dogs. Sharing the bad moments to display trust and dependence - just adds so much joy to this simple thing of man-woman relationships. Ofcourse all the constructs above require the solid foundation of honesty of purpose and ability to give without counting beans.

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