Wednesday, November 9, 2005

[center-report] Nabhi Day 11.9.05

Ville had prepared a presentation on Nabhi which was translated into English by Denis. There were certain interesting things to me, personally, which I was unaware of - like the left Nabhi can be cured by affirmation of the Agnya Chakra because the release mechanisms of both are the same. Very interesting bit of information.

Shared the incident in the past week where an intern in my office felt his realization and how he went back home and meditated along with his sister, 11, who was looking for a means to ease her school work related tensions.

The new thing found was: awareness of chakras in preteens and teens through Anime comics and films. Lots of martial arts heroes in these movies use paranormal powers of the sympathetic sides which has captured the fancy of this age group. This curiosity alone propelled these two kids to find their Kundalini, waiting for ages to be recognized. Both, without any suggestion felt the same feelings on getting realization - conical spray of vibrations through the Sahasrara, cool breeze on the right hand. A significant family event in the near past had caused their lefts to go heavy, which is the side of emotions and forefathers.

Great week! Looking forward.

Friday, November 4, 2005

[center-report: 11.2.05] SNS PNS ANS - The Alphabet Soup Clarified

SNS, PNS, ANS – The Alphabet Soup Clarified: Center Report Wed. 11/2/2005

Villie led the center with elucidations of the human nervous system and relationship to subtle system. Defining the terms “Sympathetic Nervous System”, “Parasympathetic Nervous System”, “Autonomous Nervous System”.

Another interesting topic she elucidated for the benefit of newcomers was that of the mechanism of Kundalini rising: How the Kundalini first rises through the innermost channel (Brahmanadi), encounters the Mardha, a plate/membrane on the lower side of the brain, spreads there creating soothing sensations, goes down the Ida/Pingala and comes up again through all three channels, going out through the Sahasrara. Incidentally, I was reading the exact same stuff in the Advent on the bus that morning! Those are subtle miracles which are enjoyed to the best extent here, in This Sahaja Life!

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Nervous Systems Make You Nervous?

In response to a question from a yogini, how exactly do western terms map to the subtle system in Sahaja Yoga, here is the compilation:

Glossary: Nervous System & Subtle System Relationships

The nervous system is the body's information gatherer, storage center and control system.

The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system.

The peripheral nervous system is responsible for the body functions which are not under conscious control - like the heartbeat or the digestive system. The smooth operation of the peripheral nervous system is achieved by dividing it into sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. These are opposing actions and check on each other to provide a balance.

PNS = Autonomous NS + Sympathetic NS


ANS = Subtle System

Ida Nadi = Left Sympathetic Nervous system (LSNS)

Pingala Nadi = Right Sympathetic NS (RSNS)

Sushumna Nadi = Parasympathetic NS (Not Known to Western Science)

Autonomic Nervous System

The Autonomic Nervous System is that part of PNS consisting of motor neurons that control internal organs. It has two subsystems. The autonomic system controls muscles in the heart, the smooth muscle in internal organs such as the intestine, bladder, and uterus. The Sympathetic Nervous System is involved in the fight or flight response. The Parasympathetic Nervous System is involved in relaxation. Each of these subsystems operates in the reverse of the other (antagonism). Both systems innervate the same organs and act in opposition to maintain homeostasis. For example: when you are scared the sympathetic system causes your heart to beat faster; the parasympathetic system reverses this effect.

Motor neurons in this system do not reach their targets directly (as do those in the somatic system) but rather connect to a secondary motor neuron which in turn innervates the target organ.


Rai, U. C. "Medical Science Enlightened" 1993 Pub. Life Eternal Trust

Monday, October 31, 2005

Alaska Takes Off...

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Alaska got its first Sahaja Yoga public program last month. The name Alaska is derived from the Aleut word "Alyeska," meaning "great land." (

This is a groundbreaking event to treasure. The program was conducted at the ATOM (Ascended Teachings of Masters) Center. It was quite warm to see that the events director for the ATOM center openly invited any Sahaja Yogi to visit her when they are in Anchorage, Alaska. The heart widens with joy.

The yogini, Anna M. of New York, further wrote about the vibrational potency of Mt McKinley situated in Denali Park and the vibrations were strong as I read the report. Onward to Alaska on the subtle train. :)v

This Sahaja Life... in Nizhny Novgorod

Russians take photocopiers to public programs. Only Sahaja Yoga creates such a stir in public venues which is exhilerating and irreplacable. Anastasia, a yogini from the Collective of Nizhny Novgorod in Russia reports in the DSY forum

We, the collective of a Russian city, Nizhny Novgorod, would like to
share with you the experience...This time we were even more prepared: there were leaflets, a poster with a picture of Shri Mataji and the scheme of the subtle body, copies of the articles on Kundalini and sensitivity of hands, copies of Shri Mataji's public talk I Bow to All the Seekers. And of course (as usual) we had a Xerox machine (it is really irreplaceable!) and flowers on our table...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Humor and Depth: The Oct05 Meeting 4/4 Report

There was laughter. There were stories. There were serious moments of contemplation. There were engaging retrospectives. There were touching moments at the Wednesday Sahaja Yoga Meditation Meeting in Ann Arbor.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sahaja & Science: Blossoming in a Scientifically Aware Society

Sahaja & Science: Blossoming in a Scientifically Aware Society
Drawing inspiration from the work done by Australian scientists at the Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney, Australia, I decided to investigate the use and applicability of these preliminary findings. One of the first things I realized was, despite the preliminary finding being published in a peer reviewed journal, the road ahead was hard to negotiate. The question is how to inspire a seeker's confidence in an age where faith-based interventions have done their damage by presenting themselves as snake-oil peddlers?The CHADD Factsheet#6 is an excellent document which provides suggestions to treatment seekers against false treatments and doubtable interventions. It reminds me of an excellent series of lectures delivered by a professor in a Public Health post-graduate school, who critically evaluates alternate therapies and therapists and the motivating undercurrent. One interesting point brought up was that a certain category of Alternative & Complementary Medicine practitioners have established their reportoire through political lobbying. That being a means to the end of having patients legally bill the associated fees to their insurance providers. Money, thus, is the bottomline being fought over. When it comes to acceptance of meditation as a supporting activities, these hurdles should not matter, because meditation when offered as a no-charge activity by established practitioners should clearly establish its not-for-profit nature. Taking it another step forward, a not-for-charge service because payment does not guarantee the meditative experience. So why there should be charges?I hope the preliminary findings in Australia can blossom into a large body of validating studies before specific meditation practices can find their ways into the United State's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines list of approved practices for the scientific cause. It might take another 10-15 years to produce appropriate evidence, as medical science seeks multiple studies to validate the effectiveness of an intervention or treatment.

The writer lives & works in a liberal college town in North America. This article is inspired by the slew of fly-by-night operators who have damaged the sensitivity of educated seekers through their empty promises. TheFactsheet referenced is "Assessing Complementary and Controversial Interventions" available via CHADD is the Michigan Resource for ADD affected Adults and Children.

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