Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sahaja & Science: Blossoming in a Scientifically Aware Society

Sahaja & Science: Blossoming in a Scientifically Aware Society
Drawing inspiration from the work done by Australian scientists at the Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney, Australia, I decided to investigate the use and applicability of these preliminary findings. One of the first things I realized was, despite the preliminary finding being published in a peer reviewed journal, the road ahead was hard to negotiate. The question is how to inspire a seeker's confidence in an age where faith-based interventions have done their damage by presenting themselves as snake-oil peddlers?The CHADD Factsheet#6 is an excellent document which provides suggestions to treatment seekers against false treatments and doubtable interventions. It reminds me of an excellent series of lectures delivered by a professor in a Public Health post-graduate school, who critically evaluates alternate therapies and therapists and the motivating undercurrent. One interesting point brought up was that a certain category of Alternative & Complementary Medicine practitioners have established their reportoire through political lobbying. That being a means to the end of having patients legally bill the associated fees to their insurance providers. Money, thus, is the bottomline being fought over. When it comes to acceptance of meditation as a supporting activities, these hurdles should not matter, because meditation when offered as a no-charge activity by established practitioners should clearly establish its not-for-profit nature. Taking it another step forward, a not-for-charge service because payment does not guarantee the meditative experience. So why there should be charges?I hope the preliminary findings in Australia can blossom into a large body of validating studies before specific meditation practices can find their ways into the United State's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines list of approved practices for the scientific cause. It might take another 10-15 years to produce appropriate evidence, as medical science seeks multiple studies to validate the effectiveness of an intervention or treatment.

The writer lives & works in a liberal college town in North America. This article is inspired by the slew of fly-by-night operators who have damaged the sensitivity of educated seekers through their empty promises. TheFactsheet referenced is "Assessing Complementary and Controversial Interventions" available via CHADD.org. CHADD is the Michigan Resource for ADD affected Adults and Children.

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