Wednesday, November 9, 2005

[center-report] Nabhi Day 11.9.05

Ville had prepared a presentation on Nabhi which was translated into English by Denis. There were certain interesting things to me, personally, which I was unaware of - like the left Nabhi can be cured by affirmation of the Agnya Chakra because the release mechanisms of both are the same. Very interesting bit of information.

Shared the incident in the past week where an intern in my office felt his realization and how he went back home and meditated along with his sister, 11, who was looking for a means to ease her school work related tensions.

The new thing found was: awareness of chakras in preteens and teens through Anime comics and films. Lots of martial arts heroes in these movies use paranormal powers of the sympathetic sides which has captured the fancy of this age group. This curiosity alone propelled these two kids to find their Kundalini, waiting for ages to be recognized. Both, without any suggestion felt the same feelings on getting realization - conical spray of vibrations through the Sahasrara, cool breeze on the right hand. A significant family event in the near past had caused their lefts to go heavy, which is the side of emotions and forefathers.

Great week! Looking forward.

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