Friday, November 4, 2005

[center-report: 11.2.05] SNS PNS ANS - The Alphabet Soup Clarified

SNS, PNS, ANS – The Alphabet Soup Clarified: Center Report Wed. 11/2/2005

Villie led the center with elucidations of the human nervous system and relationship to subtle system. Defining the terms “Sympathetic Nervous System”, “Parasympathetic Nervous System”, “Autonomous Nervous System”.

Another interesting topic she elucidated for the benefit of newcomers was that of the mechanism of Kundalini rising: How the Kundalini first rises through the innermost channel (Brahmanadi), encounters the Mardha, a plate/membrane on the lower side of the brain, spreads there creating soothing sensations, goes down the Ida/Pingala and comes up again through all three channels, going out through the Sahasrara. Incidentally, I was reading the exact same stuff in the Advent on the bus that morning! Those are subtle miracles which are enjoyed to the best extent here, in This Sahaja Life!

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