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Monday, March 2, 2009

Home is Where the Heart Is.... at Peace

A yogi guest mentioned how, over the past few weeks, he feels that the meditation area in our apartment is an oasis. A place for the vibrationally weary to put down their baggage of thoughts and drink from the fountain of vibrations. Little did he realize that he was a part of the reason why the oasis developed in the first place. His frequent visits keep us on track with meditation and self-purification activities. However, being there all the time, I was unable to appreciate his observation at the time.

After returning from a couple nights out of town, I came back and sat for meditation, expecting an uphill and long period of balancing before hitting a good meditative state. Contrary to expectations I experienced his experience: The instant oasis, which swept up the spirit and washed away the fatigue in a second.

Meditation is one of the most abstract and innate experiences, which is farthest from any mechanical activity. More like an art, it depends on how well you are placed towards yourself in the moment. Meditation melds us with the elements we come from, hence a well defined meditation space is not just a marker in our homes, but provides the required connection with the elements through it's pure energy and tokens of elements. The meditation area, with it's alter and the image of the preceptor provide this divine mix that puts the heart at peace instantly. Truely, home is where the heart is... at peace.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Solution for Insane Times

Los Angeles, and then Detroit has become a the latest newsmaker for violence related to the financial meltdown. Insanity draws closer. If you feel mildly worried or concerned and need peace, I recommend meditation using Sahaja Yoga. There is even a local meeting place close to Detroit. So do not wait and act now for a balanced life.