Friday, March 6, 2009

The Truth is Young

It's so difficult to see

The cruel ways of World.

The Truth is always Young, but we

Are getting bitter and old.

We are growing older every day

More serious and sad,

Our paper boat sailed away

And all the joy is dead.

Come on, lets run across the Time

Like waves that cross the sea.

Else all the mysteries Divine

We'll never ever see.

The Truth will win! It's always right!

It'll wait, and then one day

With all the Powers at its side

It'll crush the evil ways!

And all the dreams that shined so far

Will come to Earth that day

And every kid will get a Star,

A merry Star to play!

-- Alla Levitan

Poem (c) 2008 All Rights to the poetic words reserved by the poet. No part of the poem can be reproduced, performed or published without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

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