Friday, March 6, 2009

The River of God's Will (translation from Russian)


The River of God's Will,

The Giver of all boons,

To which fantastic times

This Holy River goes?

From heart of silver bells

The sacred sounds flows

And enters into sky

A Prayer like a Moon.

This World is so huge -

We could not see by sight

We could not grasp with thought,

With scale we failed to measure.

And only we could sense

Our own inner treasure

To live and to believe

In a very simple way.

Oh, River of God's Will,

Please don't hide yourself,

In the showers of sunrays,

In the heavens blue and pure.

Your children humbly pray

Please take us along for sure

We wish to be small drops

In Your Eternal Self.

-- Alla Levitan

Poem (c) 2008 All Rights to the poetic words reserved by the poet. No part of the poem can be reproduced, performed or published without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

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