Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ascent, Interrupted

A flower, made an attempt
To grow in rough tenements,
To fulfill, pure desire
To love & live the Kundalini fire

The flower broke from being a bud
Petals opening the green shield
To expose itself to wonderous nature
To source joy and sometimes heal

It's destiny was to blossom
Fully and firmly until the Autumn
But that was not to be
As a bull entered the garden, and the flower's destiny

Blinded by ignorance, and baser purpose
The Bull raged in, forcing itself upon us
Trampling new buds, weeds and flowers together
Bringing mayhem, while serving own purpose

The hooves advance, to the rose bed,
Trampling dreams with fury unsaid,
ignorant, huffing and all self-serving
The bull raged on with actions unnerving

Such is the destiny, of many who blossomed,
Killed and miamed by ignorant possums
Given a chance to breathe on earth
Given the chance to come to second birth

Ravaging bulls and critters around,
Seek to impose, enforce and surround,
Their antiquated ideas, is the security they found
When their own life was run aground

Unevolved, disconnected bearing meaningless crosses,
They find no meaning in the living process,
Jealous, Angry, Greedy and Loathe-some,
Trampling blossoms, glorifying their awesome

Mother of the world, 
take one more look,
You gave them love,
Now they're making a book
Your message of love,
Revived even the dead,
But some new life bearers, 
Are shooting others dead.

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