Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nigerian Tour

From Obi:

Brothers and sisters, I have just returned from Nigeria where I went to inform and prepare the small collectives for the first ever tour. The tour is now a Europe-wide arrangement. Five Yogis from Europe have given their strong indication to be on the tour. We have not yet, and I think we should now begin to register our intention to be included so that plans will b e tailored accordingly. Initially I thought maybe we can leave this first tour for the men only, but Europe have overruled that. So Yogis and yoginis alike are invited on the tour and there are up to 15 places for us.

Sahaja Yoga has been invited to deliver a speech at a United Nations conference in Abuja Nigeria. Dr. Ramesh from Australia will be on the tour and will do the Abuja speech. This conference will have two thousand students in attendance. We will have public programs and followups in Abuja around the time of the speech.

We have seven places in the country to visit. At each, they will be well advertised public programs. So it is hoped those coming will be able to sqeeze two weeks for this tour. Tentatively, we hope to arrive Lagos for the 20th of October.

One thing about why we all need two weeks. Nigeria is a large country and the tour will take us far and wide. We want to avoid a situation where, while gone deep in the country as a group, some people have to retreat to Lagos because thier stay is shorter. The problem is that they may not be enough man resource worthy to trust the out going yogis with.

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