Thursday, September 15, 2005

Marriage & Parenthood

This heart centre is caught up by various emotional problems in

human beings. Husband and wife, if they all the time quarrel, there

is always quarreling in the house, specially if the mother is very

dominating, the child develops this centre. And if the father is

very dominating, the child develops this�the heart itself. So it is

very important that husband and wife should never quarrel in the

presence of their children.

Like marriage, also some people come to Me and tell Me, 'Mother, I

am very happily married or unhappily married'. The one who is

happily married is equally headache as the one who is unhappily

married. The unhappily one I can understand why is a headache. But

the happily married also says, 'I must do something for my wife, I

haven't done anything, I haven't bought her a diamond ring, I

haven't done this for her, and this and that.' But where is your

attention. The whole attention is directed to that which has no


Source: Not sure. From HH Shrimataji's talk on Marriage and Parenthood

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Rey Abisan said...

What can I say.. Hmm... The appropriate word is "Thank you". Thank you for sharing this to us.

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