Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ideal Personality

"Therefore all those who think themselves as leaders should be like an

ideal personality. And their greatest ideal is that how much Love they

have within themselves. Some are there who try to show their

greatness....some give great lectures...some of them suppress others

and some dominate others. The most important thing is that whatever

you do, there should be just the reflection of Love in it. It should

be clearly visible that it is all because of Love. Sometimes if it is

necessary to get angry on someone or it is necessary to scold someone

then he/she should know that this is out of Love that he is scolding

me....if he will not scold me then I wont become all right. So we have

to establish our benevolence because your spirit has the desire of

benevolence of whole world. Except benevolence it cannot get


Ganapatipule, India.

December 26, 1988

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