Thursday, September 8, 2005

Left Quests

Janjaals are literally "Quagmires". The left side loops down in descent infinitely and a person with wrong, restrictive, left-sided ideas can infinitely loose himself in the unending maze of the left side. The sustaining forces for such a person are conditionings, heresay and secondhand knowledge which is never guaranteed to be pure. This vulnerability protects the person from being a social menace, but becomes a menace to its own existance. The ideas, aka bhoots (past-based-constructs, conditionings) take such deep roots that a immature realized soul can get lost in the stupidity of beliefs.

Practice of life rather than being a spirit-sustained living experiment becomes a hurried, scary rollercoaster of believing in just ideas rather than being powered by the spirit. The spirit is behind the clouds and can come out and shine in the presence of the Kundalini. It is the Holy Kundalini as Shri Durga that will extract these left-sided souls and show them light and a life of balanced living.

In my personal case, it is taking time. Being an alumni of that dangerous school of thought where there is a practice of life based on country-conditionings rather than the spirit. Unable to get vibrations for a while after realization should put an honest question: "Why cant I feel vibrations if I am realized?" But there are plenty of stupid ideas that circulate saying "Its allright, you'll get it" or "It doesn't matter when you are doing it from the heart" etc. Nothing wrong with these ideas floating around, except that they cannot back themselves up in the long run.

Being an Asian Indian in this birth, it was easy to pull off tricks that make apparent the daily conduct as being a yogi. But the western-born is also vulnerable to karmakand [ritualistic perfection] to sustain the drama of "yogi-ness", if you will.

This blog has commented on honesty before, but not with this new found perspective. Solutions to all problems left or right, are well expounded on by Shri Mataji's talks in the 70s, 80s and 90s. These living artefacts of evolution explain in astounding detail the problems we have.

The problem with our problems is the fact that the mind is smart enough to cloak it with excuses and render them either genetic & unsolvable [superegoistic] or not-a-problem [egoistic]. Humans can live with the problems. Adjust to them. Unconciously feed them. When the light shines down, when the cleanup time comes, it reveals the tragedy of the rottenness these problems have caused without our knowing.

A speculation on why we do not know about problems: Not because we are unevolved, but probably because we are the most evolved on earth. Our immunity blesses us with strength to do routine activities, even carry on wrong lifestyles without sensing the destruction... because of the vastness of the inner space. Like theivery in a large corporation goes unnoticed.

I can tell you a zillion times: stop identifying with the defective soul and identify with the spirit. But to make it happen, to actualize it, needs the supercharged voice of Her Holiness Shri Mataji. I hope this post awakens inspiration in those who have hit a deadend or those who have a nervous idea that they are comfortably allright & they have finished their achievements.

Wishing you True Spirituality

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