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The Miracles of Sahaja Yoga

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How does one define a miracle? If one considers it to be an event or occurrence which does not follow the normally accepted laws of nature, then Sahaja Yoga is a miracle. But if one thinks about it, many things which we accept as normal would have been considered not just miracles but impossible not so long ago.

In the recent past humanity has made enormous strides in the worlds of science and technology, in other words many 'miracles' have ceased to be miracles in the material world. Imagine talking to someone in 1900 and trying to explain the technology behind a CNN global news broadcast, the Internet, mobile phones, - all the conveniences of life we take for granted. Great grandpa would have thought you were living in a complete fantasy world!

Clearly, the experience of the cool breeze mentioned in the previous chapter, is not as yet a common experience to humanity, so could at present be defined as a miracle. But that is only the beginning of the story of this new awarenesss, miraculously existing within all of us if we choose to seek and find it. It is the first sign of Self Realization.

Self Realization occurs when what in the Indian tradition is called the Kundalini awakens from its dormant state in the sacrum bone, and rises through six chakras or subtle centres within each of us. It reaches the top chakra, called the Sahasrara, which is at the top of the head, and union of the individual takes place with the all pervading power of the divine, the collective unconscious at the basis of all creation. This experience is felt on the gross nervous system as a cool breeze.One feels peace and inner joy at the same time, and the thought process settles down.

After that, one needs to settle into this new awareness and learn how to use it to grow inwardly and in every way. It is the greatest blessing we as humans can receive, and obviously it is a gift. Then many other experiences start to occur which can also be defined as miracles. Some have been noted in the page entitled Experiences of Sahaja Yoga. Others are below and a book is being prepared for publication of hundreds more.

L.T lives and works in of South Africa.This her story:

It has been almost eight years now since I received my realisation by the Grace of Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Looking back it is incredible to me to see where I was picked up from and how my life has changed so dramatically. As with many seekers, my seeking took me to drugs and alcohol, desperately seeking for a heightened consciousness and awareness. I had smoked dope in copious amounts for seven years, combined with large volumes of alcohol and packets of cigarettes and then moved onto more chemical drugs such as cocaine and LSD.

One night in Cape Town, going through yet another emotional roller coaster ride, I asked for my Self Realization, from a friend of mine who had received her own Self Realization just two weeks before. I was amazed to see the joyful change in her. There were no blinding lights, or even feelings of vibrations - hot or cold; no dramatic experience, but a gentle, warm feeling of having arrived home. And somehow deep down inside I knew that something very special had happened to me, a real treasure to hold onto.

The most incredible thing happened to me, which just shows the tremendous power of the Kundalini… the desire to drink, smoke cigarettes and take drugs completely fell away, and I literally stopped overnight, all of it!!! I started practising Sahaja Yoga from that day on until the present day. It continues to be a beautiful journey and I am ever grateful to Shri Mataji for having blessed with Her unbounding love.

In October 1982, Shri Mataji was visiting Bedford, England, where She spoke at a public program. Her photograph had appeared in an advertisement in the local newspaper, the "Bedfordshire Journal," earlier in the day. While Shri Mataji was speaking at the program, a road accident took place some distance away from the hall, in which a young man, Jason, was injured. Only a day or two later did he recognize the photograph in the newspaper as the lady who had come to his aid, as Journal reporter Ross Francis related under the front page headline, "GURU AND THE 'MIRACLE BOY.'

Jason was not "seeing things," according to the man who is arranging the present whistle stop tour for the lady Guru. He said it was quite probable that Jason had seen a "mystical vision" of the Shri Mataji.
He said there were many cases known to the movement of people who had witnessed the vision of the woman who, it is claimed, can cure serious illnesses by the touch of her hands.

"It's quite possible Jason had such an experience connected with this lady. Strange things have happened that just can't be explained rationally. I don't discount what he says at all."

Jason came off his motor scooter after colliding with a car in Cauldwell Street, Bedford, last Thursday at 9:15 pm. He had finished work for the evening and was riding home. At the same time, Shri Mataji was at a meeting in the Guildhouse, Harpur Street. She didn't leave until 11pm.

Jason said, "I was just laying in the road in pain. People were standing about saying, 'Don't touch him - he may have broken his back.' Then I was aware of this Indian lady over me. She said, 'Do you have faith in me?' I said, 'Yes.' She put her hands on my head, my shoulders, my arm and my body. As She took Her hands away from each spot, the pain just vanished. I thought I had broken my arm, but she said I hadn't."

He didn't see the lady after that and minutes later was taken to hospital in an ambulance. Bruised and shaken, he was allowed home later in the evening after his worried parents called to see him.

Two motorists concerned in the accident said they had remained at the spot until Jason was put into the ambulance. Neither had seen the lady. The ambulance crew which took Jason to hospital and police officers who attended the crash also said they had not seen her.

The couple with whom Shri Mataji was staying after the program and who drove Shri Mataji home said that her car had not stopped and no one had got out to help at any accident. But when told of the strange events this week, Shri Mataji said, "It's marvellous to think such occurrences are happening in this country and it is a blessing."

Jason's mother said, "I would like to meet that woman to thank her for whatever happened. It is like a miracle."
And the final word from Jason, "I definitely saw this woman and She helped me. There was only one spot She didn't touch, my lower back, and that is still hurting."

B. B. of New Zealand has some points to add about this story.
'During the 1983 tour of America, Shri Mataji, while She was in Los Angeles, did a radio interview. We were waiting with Shri Mataji for the studio to become clear. This was shortly after the incident which happened in England, the so-called "Bedford Boy," who had had an accident on his motor bike and when he was taken to hospital he told the doctor of this strange thing that had happened with him, how while he was lying there, this Mercedes had come up and stopped nearby. And this lady in a long white dress had come out and smiled at him, come to him, and passed her hand over him and had left him and had gone back into her Mercedes and driven off.

"Yes, that is a very interesting story. The reporter is somewhere. You should tell him," the doctor had said. The boy told the reporter and the reporter had reported this incident, which had had a number of sequels.

"Oh, that was the lady," said the boy when he saw the piture of shri Mataji in the local paper. "That was the lady who came to me when I had my accident." The doctors were amazed that very little damage had been done to him. The other interesting thing was that this accident had happened while Shri Mataji had been delivering a public program at the Bedford Town Hall.
In LA, Shri Mataji was talking about this incident, and a Sahaja Yogi asked Her:

"Shri Mataji, were you conscious of that? Were You conscious of being with that boy at the accident?"

"It's like this," Shri Mataji answered something like this, "the Divine is always transmitting. The message is always going out from the Divine. Whether it is picked up or not depends on the quality of the receiver. If the receiver is good, then the divine message is picked up."

Now presumably the boy in Bedford was a good receiver.'

L. .W. corroborates.
'I was at that Bedford program, except that because my baby son was crying, I had to take him out and sit in the back of my car with him, so as not to disturb the programme. Shri Mataji's car was near mine in the car park, just outside the main and only door into the Town Hall.

Believe me, no one came in or out of the Town Hall while the program was on. I know because I was sitting there wishing I could go inside, except with a fractious child I couldn't. So I was watching the door intently all the way through, waiting for Mother to come out when She had finished the program. She finally did, at about ten o'clock, accompanied by the other Sahaja Yogis. The Bedford boy incident had happened much earlier in the evening.'

C. N. and K.McH. tell the following story about how Shri Mataji resolved a serious ecological problem.

In 1992 Shri Mataji was staying in Cairns, Australia. The Cairns Sahaja Yogis told Shri Mataji about the problems that were occurring in the area of Queensland in northeastern Australia. One of these was the crown of thorns starfish, normally living in manageable numbers on the Great Barrier Reef. They have a body about the size of a dinner plate, ten arms that come out from the body and are all covered in thorns, hence the name. They live on live coral and over about twenty years their numbers had grown to plague proportions. They moved like a swarm over coral and ate it and they left the bones of the coral. The scientists were worried that the Great Barrier Reef would die. The Sahaja Yogis told Mother and She went out in a glass-bottomed boat to see them. She put the starfish into bandhan and said it was in Her attention.

Shri Mataji put these things into bandhan. She said that Queensland has a problem because there is so much corruption there in the society, the government and the police force that they will have plagues.

After Sydney Shri Mataji then flew on to New Zealand. And on the way back from New Zealand someone from the Perth collective was sitting next to Her. She wanted to watch the news on the internal flight video. The first item was that tens of thousands of crown of thorns starfish had been found floating dead off the Great Barrier Reef. The scientists couldn't understand what had happened but looked into the thing and they found that the proportion of crown of thorns starfish had gone back to the pre-plague proportions. This all happened about twelve days after She had been there and put Her attention on it.


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Realization in 1979 when I was twenty. Some months later I had a miscarriage, which unfortunately led to serious complications. It was eventually discovered that there was a tumor in my womb. The news didn’t come as any great shock, as I’d felt for sometime that there was something wrong with me. It had been impossible to stop thinking and my thoughts were morbid and depressing, often about death. Shri Mataji at this time was in India and, although I knew She could cure me, it didn’t seem right to expect to be cured just when She returned to England. So I went to Charing Cross Hospital in London. It was a depressing place to be in, but I felt that Shri Mataji was always with me. They started me on a chemotherapy treatment. The first week wasn’t too bad, but by the third week the pain was unbearable. To the horror of the doctors, I discharged myself. They told me that without the full course of treatment, I’d have at most eighteen months to live.

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