Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Couchiching Seminar Recollections (Late September 08)

Toronto area collective organizes 4 or 5 "Going Deeper" seminars for their newly established seekers (as 'young' as 2 weeks). This is not the International Toronto Seminar that happened in early August ,when Mother was expected to visit Canada. 

The best part is that they make the Sahaj vidya teaching (treatments, Sahaj culture) a fun experience! Here is a quick rundown of some nice things we observed:

How to make an alter: Instead of a "talk-by-yogi" two yogis used a role-playing improvisation skit to educate and entertain everyone on all aspects & principles of making a decent alter at home. The audience was forced to participate as the 'actors' made well rehearsed 'mistakes'. Being an instructional person, I was amazed at the power of skits to impart Sahaj concepts.

There were some men-only sessions (head massage) and women only sessions (how to wear a sari) and combined sessions (how to clear house of negativities.) 

The evenings started with talent shows - skits, music etc by yogis. After a tea break, the bhajan group would break out their well polished bhajans which alone make the trek to toronto worth it. 

These are two day seminars. Recent synergy has resulted in Toronto and Detroit collectives to think about supporting programs in the border cities of Detroit/Toronto. More on that later.

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