Monday, October 13, 2008

Bullesha's Master, Shah Inayat - On Love

The nature of life on earth is illusory and in the Sanskrit tongue it
is called Maya or illusion, and every soul having the spark of the
divine love, forgets the use and the purpose of that spark and begins
to love itself most.

By a keen study of human life, man will find that as a rule, when he
claims that he loves, in reality he loves himself, he loves his own
benefit in life, he loves another for the help that other gives, for
his goodness, for his kindness, for his service, but in all this he
surely loves himself, and it is for himself all the while he thinks he
loves another.

It is a very high stage in the path of love when man really learns to
love another with a love that asks no return, when he does not seek
love for the sake of love in return, then love becomes pure, the lover
gives, and gives and gives, but even that is not the purpose of life,
it is still greater. The Perfect One who is the source and origin of
the whole creation, is the Perfection of Beauty. All beauty on earth
or in heaven belongs to Him, and the purpose of the creation of every
soul is to progress in the path of love until the soul arrives at a
stage where it may find the Perfection of Beauty.

The development of love is often hindered by different obstacles in
life. The first obstacle is ourselves. We begin our life with
selfishness, and all that we want is for self, and if there is a
tendency to love, it is for one's own happiness, and one's own joy.
When the question comes, 'How much do you love me, and how much do I
love you?' it has come to be a trading in love. 'I love you, but you
do not love me' is as much as to say, 'I have bid so much, and I
expect a return of love'. This is trading in love, and trade cannot
lead anywhere, because it makes one think of the self, and love is
beyond that. To love is to give; it is not to take at all. The true
lover never speaks of what he has done for his beloved, for he loves
for love's sake, not for the sake of a return.

Bullesha's Master, Shah Inayat

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