Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ganesha Puja in Cabella Part 4/4

The Ganesha puja started after Mother's joyous arrival.

The welcome program was unique as birthday delicitations from the state of Connecticut, president George bush and CA governor Arnold

In the entire puja Mother radiated smiles, bathe all in pleased attention and gave detailed instructions to the pujari and others. Always smiling, acknowledging like what we've seen many years before. She talked and joked with the children at length, smiling laughing and attending to their every word with expressions, gestures and words.

She talked in detail, almost 10 - 15 minutes to all gift presenters, taking it back to many years before. She talked to USA yogis for almost 20mins. Hope the presenters can share what Mother's advice for America was. We desired Mother's words could be heard by everyone. When the Chinese came on,  she was given a mic and we could hear her concern for china to approach it's manufacturing in a different way. To direct production to silk and handi crafts.

From memory, Mother's comments about China are reproduced roughly at the end.

But first, to share a twist in the tale. After the hosting countries and a couple of gifts, the end of the ceremony was announced with the vote of thanks for puja in closing. But Mother.indicated that She would like to go on with all the country gifts that evening! The pendal broke into thunderous applause as the program continued with Mother pleased beyond anything seen before. And then this happened again, and we went into a third round of gift giving!

Mother's presence was almost 7.30p to 11p local time.

China comments, not exact:

Handicraft and handmade goods are great in china. In this country
(Italy) you can buy a lot of Chinese silk, but in china you cannot get
it! [laughter]

It (production.of artistic and handicrafts) should all come back
through sy. There is no demand for nonsensical things.

As communists you can progress if you understand what is important(to
manufacture), and that you can produce. You have so many things you
can develop, handi craft.

I am very much for handicrafts' but people have lost faith for handi
crafts. But if you make it in your country, they wil buy here at a
good price.

Make artistic things. Handi crafts.

I've been in china twice. Very nice people, very good character.
Should take to something artistic, that's very important.

The rest of the gifts continue without audible comments. However, Her
keen interest in all gifts and presenting countries is evident.

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