Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ganesha Puja in Cabella: Part 1/4

Saturday (Marriages Morning)

We've been here since last evening, but it feels like a month's worth of excitement has been imbibed. Yesterday 112 marriages were announed with 92 or so actually expected to happen in a few hours.

This puja has a special tinge of Romanian hosting to it, compared to Australian hosted Ganesha pujas I've attended. However the highlight of yesterday's evening of mehendi was music by the Hong Kong /Chinese collective.

It was a personal explosion of joy to see a Romanian presentation of interpretive dance to khalil gibran's poems. I had just finished reading gibran's "thoughts and meditations" on the way to cabella.

This morning was haldi, and those who know cabella, know that the river turns a deep shade of yellow and the haldi party's noise echoes in the valley. I am yet to meet my "daughter" whom I have to give away in marriage later. I was "voluntold" to be a "father of the bride" last night.
Many Americans on the list, which of course adds to the excitemnt.

More later,
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