Sunday, May 7, 2006

The Sun Smiles Down

Shri Mataji is radiant and generous at the Akshaya Tritiya puja in UK, the heart of the universe. The joy of seeing Mother happy, is a joy unfelt before. May these everlasting moments etch in our hearts forever.

Akshaya Tritiya is a festival... literally the "Infallible Third Day of the Month". Only once a year do the sun and the moon are at their brightest simultaneously. And this is the 3rd day (Tritiya) of the lunar month of "Vaisakh". Vedic systems followed the lunar calendar for auspiciousness and hence the reference to lunar calendars throughout Indo-cultural festivals.

The following auspicious events have occured on Akshaya Tritiya:
1. The coming of the Ganges on Earth, invited by Bhagiratha for cleansing his forefather's sins (cleansing of left side).
2. The day Veda Vyasa and Shri Ganesha started writing the Mahabharata.
3. The day Satya Yuga (Golden Age) starts in every iteration of the four ages: Satya, Dwapar, Treta and Kali.
4. Birth-day of Aadhishankaracharya (May 6), whose "Saundarya Lahiri" is the Golden Standard of description of vibrations which Sahaja Yogis feel and enjoy.
5. Birth day of Lord Buddha, the King of Right Adnya chakra on 16th May.

Oh! Mother,
in the heart of the Universe.
You shine down with your smile,
that outshines a thousand suns.

Your smiles are messengers of love,
That shower down the concerned hearts
and minds of your children.

Children of the heart, hosts of the highest kind,
Thanks for transmitting the joy that showers from Her

Mataji Mataji,
Your Face Shines Like a Thousand Suns.
You have given us, More than we could ask for.
Bliss and Peace and Harmony...

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