Sunday, May 22, 2005

Wait Wait, Dont Go Away

People come. People get realization. People vanish into the thick of the external world. Sometimes we ask why?

Some of us see ourselves. We get our realization but for an extended period of time are not enjoying vibrations. For years sometimes. Like some unfinished business before they can journey inwards and enjoy the ocean of all pervading bliss.

Some seekers, like Emiko, feel the depth and joy right off the bat. Day 1. No need for 5 week courses. These are mostly female.

This quote explained it all!

"1984-01-19 (ego- superego)

"Some people start feeling the awareness of that unbounding love as soon as they get their realisation. But in some people they have more of an ego trip left to be finished, so they come to me. I find they are flying in the air like bubbles and as if blown by the nourishing Mother, blown out like the bubbles on the surface of the sea. And there are many who are suffering from superego, they get mixed up with the sand and become very heavy and all the time weeping and crying about personal things. But, once the thing clicks, they become one with the Spirit of the ocean. Then they feel that deep, joyous force of the sea which nourishes them, guides them and elevates them every moment. Like deep down in the sea they go and there they find the beautiful pearls of eternal experiences, and when they find these pearls they bring to me as poems, as dances, as smiles, as laughter, as enjoyment. These are all within you, and they lie there away from your consciousness."

- Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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