Tuesday, May 3, 2005

The Twilight Zone

I am living in the twilight zone... now more towards the sunnier side, but dragging my slower foot which is moving out from the dark zone ever so slowly. Sometimes, it scares me as I feel that the receding dark age will suck me away with it and I will never see the complete golden day of the new age.

Living in the twilight zone is not easy. Since the darkness and the light are facing off one final time before sunrise of the new golden age, the weather inside imitates the changes outside. Like Shri Mataji described, she saw two worlds... one going down and one rising up for the new age of truth.

The trap of the glamor:
The unfortunate failure of half-baked souls can be attributed to tendencies posessed by them, over many births maybe. This failure through use of falsehood is prevalent in all walks of life. Corporate shareholders of Enron to conceited followers of spiritual movements, who were attracted by shortcuts and not the true merits of whatever they embraced.

The newly elected Dean of the School of Public Health (UM, Ann Arbor), said in his address while a candidate for the position, how he would approach progress. He mentioned the value of truth. He mentioned the value of resisting the temptation of bending it to suit one's needs or proove one's point. Especially, during these changing times, when the stars are on the upswing and the meritious and deserving are being blessed with profits they deserve, the weak and greedy are easy to fall into illusions which promise them shortcuts to the same successes.

The attitude in spiritual movements, sometimes is pretty darned same and hurts seekers of truth. Promise of miraculous recoveries, and instant gratification of materialistic desires and other fantastic magic as as prevalent as experiences of true transformation of the heart. Gandhi said, of God is what He is, He should not only provide for, but also transform the heart of the devotee by ruling it. God's true miracles are the gradual transformations in the hearts of people and not a windfall of wealth overnight. The transformation of the heart will spread to the entire body bringing internal relief to maladies and restore sanity in the blackholed brain of the seeker of truth.

Shri Mataji has warned against people who claim that after their self-realization, they suddenly had an influx of money or some other material benefit. She gravely put down those claims, reminding us that God does not know money as humans do. That is not an act of God. My guess is, that is the sinister act of the dark-side to build undue expectations from God. A very intricately laid down final act of entrapment.

Bending the Truth:
Is impossible. I heard that, allright. It is Shri Mataji's opening declaration in many a public program. But when I fell into the temptation of bending it for gaining brownie points in the haste to gain ascent, all the so-called profit from bending the truth was neutralized. But to see that in humility wasn't possible unless the light of Kundalini started demonstrating it to me. I was asked to parter in a very important area of my life with a certain individual whose lower areas were subtly afflicted beyong repair. This subtle "catch" indicates the innate weakness of character. But going by the qualifications, I was willing to bend the truth, saying, allright lets start the partnership and the person will come around. That person started to dabble in politics and illegal affairs and ended up being ejected from the partnership. The enterprise ended there, four months into what was supposed to be a "until-death-do-us-part".

The Legacy:
The group susceptible to illegal, sinister, truth-bending, falsifying activities are those who act more on the basis of the left side. The left side problems, ascribed as most dangerous, are found amonsgt many countries, including India. In India, atleast before 2000, the media being poorly developed and communication being inaccessible, twisted individuals had a ball bending the truth, gaining milage out of spiced up data and all kinds of make-believe. That prevailed in all arenas... more importantly spiritualism. India is a land where there are true spiritual movements: Adi Shankaracharya, Islam, Vedic traditions, Vaishnavite, Shaivite, Devi etc. But people have had a nice time bending truths and glamorising events to an extent that if the originators would hear of their stories now they would be dumbfounded.

An example is, Guru Moses crossing the Void region for the collective attention. This is an event at the subtle level where the Kundalini takes the attention from the Nabhi to Anahata plexus. Without that knowledge, the movie "The Ten Commandments" looks like a metaphor for nothing. The parting of the sea is a metaphor for something that did occur at the subtle level. The burning bush, the promised land: External drama following the truthful occurances in the subtle system of the collective unconcious.

Back to bending the truth:
There is an inherent danger. A grave danger. If you exaggerate, falsify, glamorize in order to gain a member to your community... you will attract low level people of that exact sort into your community. That community can be a center for research in public health, a collective of investors or a community of followers of The Godhead. Sooner or later, these product of bent truth will exhaust their own resources and come out concieted and angry. Their reaction and self-deception will exhume themselves and possibly those who lead them into that deception. I am quite sure that this post in my blog today will possibly never be read, as I am warning those whom I cannot speak to directly. Their own challenges have clouded their experience and they stand out, threatening to blow the show for worse.

Twam Satyam Sakshat.

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