Sunday, December 26, 2004

Drew Rlzn, The Next Step in Love, Chronic Issues

Lets start with the good news. Baby Drew is now realized.

Felt this 1 year old's vibrations and they were nice. He is under the care of a yogini, so there is no doubt he might have had his Kundalini awakened spontaneously. But its always nice to have a double validation. He kept good company as we meditated after the realization process.

The not so good news is that the personal instrument is still under repair and construction. The love for Kundalini seems incomplete from the vantage point of respect.

Can love and respect be two different things? Maybe, because loving a person is one thing and respecting another. Love is you feel that person and is the first step in the yoga. That now seems to be somewhat in place with the ability to raise the Kundalini in conditions of humility. But the next step in ascent has become obvious this morning, that respect needs to be built. So I asked Her what could be respect? Amongst many protocols, the ones that have seemed to be chronic so far are (1) getting up at 4am, (2) Sleeping off by 10pm, (3) Losing bad fat (100% yogi votes, :)) (4) Eating healthy (5) Facilitate accessability of Kundalini awakening and sustenance, ie Sahaja Yoga. (5) Making contact with possible community rooms available in A2.

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