Thursday, December 30, 2004


dharma is sustainability. my fascination with sustainability started when taking a course in ecoManufacturing during my masters studies in IE and it triggered a seeking and introspection about sustainability in general matters of finance.

a-dharma, the lack of righteousness, would therefore be all actions which are not sustainable. this blossoms into such a profound explanation of all things attractive which lead us away from the spirit:

- Credit Cards & Loans: Unsustainable by all means. e.g. Vic wanted to satisfy my worldly desire of watching movies and I used a credit card to obtain a TV. It ended up making Vic less collective. If he had tried to be more creative about fulfilling his desires, then two things would have happened: (1) The desire would have been tested for purity, if unachievable collectively and (2) Would have given Mother more chances for furthering his realization via the creative fulfillment of the desire.

dharma & novice protection:

one of the biggest conflicts of seekers and newly reborn yogis is protection versus growth. while seeking one is more likely to throw caution to the wind and experiment with the soul. but after realization there comes an extreme, and sometimes irritating habit of thinking about protecting the self from negativity etc. This period is a part of a yogi's evolution. Going through it wasn't easy, but it was a relief when this part of establishment of self realization was validated by Shri Mataji in one of her talks.

auto-dharma & collectivity:

the evolving solution to the above problem is auto-selection of dharma by being collective. All unsustainable ideas from the ego would perish in the pure light of the collective (that hurts the ego initially) and all dharmic ones will work out in collective effort.

some examples of this come to the mind immediately:

Vic's & other dodo's impure ideas used to perish with regularity in collective, because of lack of establishment of own's self. Ideas which came from the heart got implemented even before they got expressed, which proved they were a part of the higher collective consciousness' workings: (1) Assistive Technology for Mother, (2) Russian speaking resource for Katya in Ann Arbor, (3) Advent of yoginis and yogis with a yearning for Sahaja culture in Ann Arbor etc.

in conclusion: torsion zone

dharma, spirit, collectivity, ascent and witnessing sometimes come together so beautifully. The distinction of these is only due to the stages in which they dominated in a particular case: spirit starts seeking dharma to participate in sustainabile growth only -> for this it becomes collective and the mind becomes a resceptacle for collective thoughts from the torsion zone-> collective working filters out the impure and unsustainable -> joy from the witnessing spirit fires up the soul in ascension.

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