Monday, October 2, 2006

Nirmala Cafe in UK: What Joyful News!

This just in from UK:

> Nirmala's is an unmissable, brightly painted 3 story building in
> the centre of town near Neal's Yard with an ever open door that
> leads in to a welcoming and comfortable cafe/restaurant, serving a
> range of healthy international dishes in line with the cafés multi
> cultural feel.
> Nirmala's has a wonderful reputation for it's healthy foods and
> juices and for it's great atmosphere and friendly staff. It is also
> praised for its sumptuous interiors with its various book shelves
> from which an interested reader can select from a substantial
> library of spiritual classics; for its wall of exquisitely framed
> pictures of the worlds realized souls, ranging from Gandhi to
> Einstein to Tagore; for its stunning murals and mosaics and for its
> raised stage area which is the site of regular musical and theatre
> performances featuring artists from around the world.
> Nirmala's has many unique attributes that lift it above other
> similar venues in the city but without a doubt its real secrets can
> be discovered on the second floor where from a large wood paneled
> room, that immediately impresses upon you a cool calming effect, it
> conducts its daily classes in Sahaja Yoga meditation; a deeply
> profound but simple form of meditation that has been know to
> transform many a burnt out city worker into a beacon of joy over
> just a short 30 minute lunch break sitting !
> Every night of the week Nirmala's is busy, with 4 to 5 weekly
> meditation classes alternating with the venues other activities
> including a popular pre booked 'open-mike' night, live-poetry
> evening, guest lecture night and nights when the venue is simply
> open as a healthy non-smoking/non-drinking evening café.
> On the third floor Nirmala's has a fully functioning office
> which is the nerve centre for a host of London based Sahaja Yoga
> activities including summer realization sessions in the
> busy public spaces from which those interested can be directed back
> to Nirmala's to learn more about meditation or to simply enjoy the
> atmosphere!
> Nirmalas is run by 3 paid office and catering staff who take care
> of all the essential day-to-day business management requirements
> and by a circulating body of part time staff drawn from the various
> London and, whenever possible, national centers. This combination
> of permanent staff and rotating staff ensures that the enthusiasm
> needed to maintain Nirmala's activities is always high.
> As a competitive cafe with fine produce on sale and as an
> attractive cultural hub with a great vibe "Nirmala's" is always
> busy and as a consequence of this makes a tidy profit which is
> immediately reinvested back into the business. The business then in
> turn supports "Nirmala's" real function which is to tap into the
> energy and buzz of the UK's capital city with its millions of
> students, foreign visitors and inhabitants and to offer them an
> alternative route into the ocean of vibrations which is sahaja yoga.
> Indeed, "Nirmala's" may seem to be a cafe, an office, a music
> venue, and other things but in reality, as its name suggests, it is
> a place where thousands of people each week one way or another are
> ascending upwards to Sahasrara and to the lotus feet of the cafes
> source of inspiration and bedrock, "Shri Nirmala Devi"!
> Jai Shri Mataji

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