Thursday, July 28, 2005

The City was divided...

... into two kinds of people, last Tuesday. The stuck & the non-stuck. A majority of people who had ventured out last Tuesday never realized that thier hour commute back home would be stretched to a horror ordeal of upto 36 hours. It was a scene out of last summer's blockbuster "The Day After Tommorow". Bombay was flooded for more than its normal six hours. People stood still in traffic for 24 hours. They turned off engines and slept in cars. They climbed on top of bus roofs and witnessed the slowly consumed bus. There was no disaster management plan on cards for the state. People suffered. A lot. My sister returned the day after she left for her first day of work. She roughed it out in her new office. She swapped stories and watercooler gossip which would have taken atleast a few months to propogate. But lights out, and bosses airlifted by choppers, the employees had a great day.

I was in the category of the un-stuck. Saved by Shri Mataji quite literally. The meditation meetings are on Tuesdays so I decided to meetup with local relatives. As a result, I had to super the ordeal of waiting in the dark for the stuck people. Cell phones were down, and the weakness of technology was exposed. But Bombay has been washed clean it seems now, as the hands burn a little less than before.

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