Wednesday, January 19, 2005

garfield tattwa

garfield, the lazy-crazy cat cartoon, is an excellent example of right and left side problem combination in humans. surely its based on the author's keen observation of people around him. the severe left vishuddhi problems he suffers through his food binges makes his organs lethargic. he is sly, jealous, short tempered, sarcastic... the whole laundry list of shadripus.

Now don't laugh at me when I say he has ADD. He is stuck to TV, cannot concentrate, waking up takes a huge toll on him. anxiety kills his effectiveness. right side issues develop as an outgrowth of left side problems. Aggression, sarcasm, greed, gluttony, violent trends, disrespect of authority... I can go on until someone throws bricks at me. but dont get me wrong here. i am just seeing my past in him, not you. he he.

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